20 Of The Most Stunning Universities In The World

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When attending the grand institutions of higher education, inspiration lurks around every corner with the best educators on offer alongside the mixed and eclectic views of the students from all walks of life.

But sometimes it is the buildings themselves that can offer up great moments of beauty and wonder. Here we look at some of the most beautiful universities in the world.

1. Peking University - China Peking University, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China

Built on the original grounds of the former imperial gardens from the Qing dynasty, this stunning university has tried to incorporate much of the original architecture and landscaping into its campus and as such has maintained a feel of regal grandeur with the repurposing of historical buildings and pagodas as places of education and study.


Truly an awe-inspiring place to expand your knowledge and go out into the world from.


2. Xiamen University - China 422 Siming S Rd, Siming, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361005

On the coast of the East China Sea, with rolling hills sitting just behind it, Xiamen University has green gardens and lakes as part of its campus as well as traditional Chinese architecture containing lecture halls and classrooms.


One of the most tranquil places to calm the mind and let it take on knowledge.


3. University of Greenwich - England, United Kingdom King William Walk, Greenwich SE10 9NN

The centerpiece of Greenwich village and a UNESCO world heritage site, the main campus of the University of Greenwich is the Old Royal Naval College. Originally the Palace of Placentia, built by King Henry VII, it went on to become a naval hospital and then college. On the banks of the Thames, it has the river on one side and the glorious Greenwich park on the other where the Royal Observatory overlooks it from high on up. A magnificent painted hall that contains stunning frescoes and sparkling chandeliers is where students graduate from.

So peaceful, it is hard to believe that this is located in such a busy metropolis as London but it offers a reprieve from the hectic city life that surrounds it.

4. University of Oxford - England, United Kingdom University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

The oldest University in the English-speaking world, Oxford has grand and dreaming spires and numerous gardens and arboretums dotted throughout the ancient city. So old is it that no one is quite sure when it was founded but records dating back as far as 1097 suggest it was a center of education before then.

With Britains largest academic library, that has the right to request every single book published in Britain and Ireland, it has long been seen as one of the best Universities on the planet. 


5. University of Cambridge - England, United Kingdom University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Formed in the 13th century after some academics at the University of Oxford fell out with locals and fled further North East to start another University, it rapidly grew into something to rival the prestige of the former and the two have enjoyed a fierce yet friendly rivalry ever since.

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On the banks of the river Cam where tourists and students alike punt through the riverways of the city, it has English-gothic buildings accentuated by stained glass windows giving it an imperious and stately air.

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