12 of The Most Beautiful Places in Africa

Wanderlust October 19, 2017 By Vincent

1. Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

The image of the pyramids is so commonplace now that it can be easy to overlook how impressive they are.

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An icon of ancient civilization and one of the wonders of the world, alongside the Sphinx, these ancient tombs of the pharaohs are magnificent to behold. Just on the outskirts of Cairo in the Libyan desert, these are a testament to the willpower of humanity.


2. Sidi Bou Said - Tunisia

A glorious little village on the coast of Tunisia that has attracted writers and artists throughout the ages to inspire them with its beauty and tranquility.


The whole village is bedecked in a color scheme of whitewash walls with blue doors and windows, which was instigated by the French artist Baron Rodolphe D’Erlanger. Looking out over the sea, it is little wonder that the likes of Matisse, Klee, Auguste Macke, Andre Gide and Simone de Beauvoir flocked here


3. Sossusvlei  - Namibia

A lesser-known beauty of the continent, Sossusvlei is a region of dry lake, claypan and orange and red sand dunes in the Namibian desert which contrast so crisply against the clear blue.

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Although not the most vibrant or lush in terms of what lives there, it has a clean imagery about it that makes it so wondrous.

4. Djenne - Mali

An ancient town dating back to the 3rd century, the buildings are made of hard-baked mud that leads to a unique style of architecture with pointed towers jutting up from the Earth.

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The Great Mosque in the town was built in 1907 by the French colonial authorities and is just one of the reasons it has become a UNESCO world heritage site.


5. Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

On the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, these impressive falls plummet down in a straight line for 354 ft (108 m) that create a spray so large that it can be seen many kilometers away.

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Named after Queen Victoria, it also goes by the name  Mosi-oa-Tunya which means 'the smoke that thunders'due to the immense noise created by the flowing waters.

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