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Urban Explorer Stumbles Upon Hitler's Secret Bunker!

Published 2 years ago on October 6, 2017
By Vincent

One of the darkest periods in global history, WWII was undoubtedly a travesty, but due to its dark and almost incomprehensible elements, it remains a source of fascination.

So what if you were to find a hidden building that held some secrets of one of the most chilling and brutal regimes of the past? 

Well, one man did and what he found will shock you to the core. 

One such point of interest is the man behind the majority of these atrocities; Adolf Hitler. 

Adolf Hitler was one of the most prominent figures of the age and yet remains somewhat enigmatic even today as historians and philosophers still try to pull apart his thinking, his actions, and his whereabouts at certain times during the war.

As his Nazi forces invaded large swaths of Europe, Allied forces pushed back and were determined to end his reign so his whereabouts become highly secretive and his persons heavily guarded.

As such, secretive bunkers were built all over occupied lands so that The Furer could command from these centers of war, holed up in relative safety as he observed troop movements and devised horrific plans to solidify his power in his Third Reich and dispose of peoples he deemed undesirable.

Understandably, after the war, many of these places were destroyed or repurposed whilst many of their whereabouts remained secret so as to avoid the general public coming across them.

One urban explorer had heard tell of a rumor that suggested one may be in a rural part of Northern France and so set about gathering information on what could possibly be there.

Once satisfied with what he had heard, he went out to find the hidden structure.

Urban explorer and photographer Marc Askat braved the hunting season to walk through the thick, wooded countryside which in itself was pretty perilous.

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