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15 Beautiful Streets That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Published 2 years ago on October 3, 2017
By Vincent

Every street has a story to tell, from the history of its creation to the residents that live there, no street in the world is boring but some are certainly more aesthetically pleasing than others with a bit more care and attention put into their design or certain cultural and historical happenings shaping them in such a way that they may not have been intended to in the first place.

Here we look at 10 of the most beautiful streets in the world and see how just one street can make the globe that little bit brighter.

1. Acorn Street, Boston - USA

One of America's most photographed streets, this cobblestoned alley was built in the 1820s and much of its charm is derived from the neat rows of redbrick terraces decorated with seasonal flowers which make it easy to see why so many people clamor for a snap of the gently sloping road that is only about a block long.

Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/

The architectural features shuttered windows and old-style lampposts all give an air of quaint nostalgia in an otherwise hustling and bustling city.

2. Portobello Road, London - England

With its many spots of Victorian and Edwardian charm, the capital of the United Kingdom is filled with stunning streets and winding, narrow alleyways to discover but the brightly colored houses along Portobello Road add to the lively atmosphere of the market antique traders and the thronging crowds that swarm to pick up a bargain.


Street food from across the world, as well as sound systems blaring out the best reggae and Caribbean rhythms of the day, go right down the street that is filled with sights, sounds, smells and tastes to fire up all of the senses.

3. The Streets of Mykonos - Greece

The narrow streets of this tiny Greek island are all stunningly beautiful due to the whitewashed houses often sporting brightly colored window frames, doors, and balconies that offer up a beautiful contrast of simplicity against the rolling waves of the sea. Head down to the seafront and the light will dapple across the water and make the starkness even more evident.

Zoltan Gabor/

If you can get a spot to dine al fresco, then it's all the better for it.

4. Rue De Petit Champlain, Quebec City - Canada

The French-speaking part of Canada certainly has many parts of it that hark back to its colonial heritage and one of the most striking streets of Quebec is that of Rue De Petit Champlain which looks like it is taken from a fairy tale set in 17th century France and has just supplanted it straight into modern-day Canada.

Diego Grandi/

The chic boutiques large stone houses with painted wooden doors and high-class restaurants all scream Paris but the friendly demeanor and cheery, welcoming smiles are distinctly Canadian.

5. La Boca, Buenos Aires - Argentina

The barrio of La Boca is just one reason you should discover what this city has to offer to walkers as it has vibrantly painted houses decorated with the work of local artists on the street of Caminito that was itself declared an open-air museum in 1959. Other, more upscale, districts are filled with grand, old-Europe style architecture.

Jess Kraft/

Take a walk around the port or across the iconic Puente de la Mujer rotating footbridge, designed to represent two people dancing the tango.

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