15 Beautiful Streets That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Published 2 years ago on October 3, 2017
By Vincent

Every street has a story to tell, from the history of its creation to the residents that live there, no street in the world is boring but some are certainly more aesthetically pleasing than others with a bit more care and attention put into their design or certain cultural and historical happenings shaping them in such a way that they may not have been intended to in the first place.

Here we look at 10 of the most beautiful streets in the world and see how just one street can make the globe that little bit brighter.

1. Acorn Street, Boston - USA

One of America's most photographed streets, this cobblestoned alley was built in the 1820s and much of its charm is derived from the neat rows of redbrick terraces decorated with seasonal flowers which make it easy to see why so many people clamor for a snap of the gently sloping road that is only about a block long.

Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/

The architectural features shuttered windows and old-style lampposts all give an air of quaint nostalgia in an otherwise hustling and bustling city.

2. Portobello Road, London - England

With its many spots of Victorian and Edwardian charm, the capital of the United Kingdom is filled with stunning streets and winding, narrow alleyways to discover but the brightly colored houses along Portobello Road add to the lively atmosphere of the market antique traders and the thronging crowds that swarm to pick up a bargain.


Street food from across the world, as well as sound systems blaring out the best reggae and Caribbean rhythms of the day, go right down the street that is filled with sights, sounds, smells and tastes to fire up all of the senses.

3. The Streets of Mykonos - Greece

The narrow streets of this tiny Greek island are all stunningly beautiful due to the whitewashed houses often sporting brightly colored window frames, doors, and balconies that offer up a beautiful contrast of simplicity against the rolling waves of the sea. Head down to the seafront and the light will dapple across the water and make the starkness even more evident.

Zoltan Gabor/

If you can get a spot to dine al fresco, then it's all the better for it.

4. Rue De Petit Champlain, Quebec City - Canada

The French-speaking part of Canada certainly has many parts of it that hark back to its colonial heritage and one of the most striking streets of Quebec is that of Rue De Petit Champlain which looks like it is taken from a fairy tale set in 17th century France and has just supplanted it straight into modern-day Canada.

Diego Grandi/

The chic boutiques large stone houses with painted wooden doors and high-class restaurants all scream Paris but the friendly demeanor and cheery, welcoming smiles are distinctly Canadian.

5. La Boca, Buenos Aires - Argentina

The barrio of La Boca is just one reason you should discover what this city has to offer to walkers as it has vibrantly painted houses decorated with the work of local artists on the street of Caminito that was itself declared an open-air museum in 1959. Other, more upscale, districts are filled with grand, old-Europe style architecture.

Jess Kraft/

Take a walk around the port or across the iconic Puente de la Mujer rotating footbridge, designed to represent two people dancing the tango.

6. Chefchaouen - Morroco

A city of blue streets that came about when the Jewish population of the town first moved into the area and brought with them a belief that blue dye on the buildings would remind everybody of God's power. Whether or not this has that effect, it makes for a stunning visage, especially with many streets having plant pots affixed to walls or sitting in alcoves full of growing shrubbery.


The bursts of natural color play wonderfully to the artificial sky blue that gives a dreamy feel to the whole area.

7. Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn - Germany

 When thinking of streets filled with gorgeous pink cherry blossoms on the trees, many minds instantly flit to Japan and other  ,mjytrewjhgfdsadscx   kurtfgvfrtfgbhyghy6thnm   parts of Asia but fewer would think of Europe and in particular, the streets of Germany but if you head to the stunning city of Bonn, you will find Cherry Blossom Avenue which, for two or three weeks in the year bursts into life and color.


The soft pastels of the petals on the trees arch over the paved streets creating a beautiful tunnel effect.

8. Bregagh Road, Ballymoney - Northern Ireland

Designed in the 18th century, this wooded street is lined by arching and knotted birches that create a canopy effect over the passage as the trees tangle together above you. Nicknamed 'Dark Hedges' for its fairytale look, it has appeared in TV shows such as Game of Thrones due to its fantastical and imposing air.

Jan Miko/

Part of the Circuit of Ireland motor rally, you can drive through this road and see the branches hanging auspiciously above you.

9. The Canals of Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The tall, narrow houses that line Amsterdam's canals are typical of the Dutch city which is surrounded by dijks and water that reflect the twinkling lights of the houses. Due to an economic boom in the 17th century, many business leaders moved to Amsterdam and so the population shot up with many wanting to live near the newly constructed concentric canal ring in order for better trade and working opportunities.

This is where these houses originate from as they were built with the growing population and space in mind.

10. Jellybean Row, St Johns - Canada

One of the oldest cities in Canada and the capital of the Newfoundland and Labrador region, it has historically always been a very important port city in Canada. Because of this ship captains used to paint their houses in bright colors so that they could be easily spotted from the sea or as they were coming into port.

Tom Clausen/

This is most prevalent on the aptly named Jellybean Row where all the houses have a candy-colored coating.

11. Agueda - Portugal

Every summer, the Portuguese city lines its streets with multi-colored umbrellas that sit high above the heads of those passing by on the streets below and shine a rainbow of colors through them from the harsh sun above. This is called the 'Umbrella Sky Project' and began in 2011.

Nessa Gnatoush/

Designed due to the searing summer hits that the city can reach, this colorful and novel solution means that the streets become awash with color but offer a little bit more shade and protection.

12. Carrer Del Bisbe - Barcelona, Spain

The gothic quarter of Barcelona is an undoubtedly stunning area of the city and the dreamy historic buildings offer up imagery of fairytale castles and cobblestone streets. The arches over the narrow pathways and the intricate detail in the architecture and design of the whole area is stunning and is like a living time capsule.


In a city so filled with beauty, it takes a lot to stand out but this place really does.

13. Nyhavn, Copenhagen - Denmark

The Nyhavn canal in the capital of Denmark is from the 17th century and is lined with restaurants, bars, cafes, house and even the Royal Playhouse in the entertainment district of the city made from wood, bricks, and plaster and many are covered in a layer of bright, bold paint to create a rainbow effect all along the canal.

A heritage harbor it is a jaw-dropping place to visit.

14. Valparaiso - Chile

A port city that has long been considered a cultural hub of the South American country, its many residences and businesses are often bedecked in bright colors as an outpouring of creativity and expressionism from those that live and work in the stunning settlement. If a visitor were to head to the censores along the funiculars that provide a bird-eye view of the place, they'd be able to get a fantastic sense of the waves of color.


Not just blocks of bright shades, though, there are also many bohemian murals and pieces of street art that draw the eye.

15. Wroclaw - Poland

One of the most visually stunning cities in Poland, it has an immense amount of history to its name and many cultural sites to visit but without a doubt, one of the real treats of the city are the many rows upon rows of ancient yet brightly colored houses that stand out against one another due to their bold paint jobs.


Giving the city a living color, the houses contrast magnificently with the bridges and plazas of period architecture.

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