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18 Essential Travel Apps

Published 2 years ago on September 27, 2017
By Vincent


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Deep down, there is a traveler in us all. A little part of us that wants to see the world and find out what it's all about and discover what's around us but when doing so it's always good to have all the practical information to hand. Technology has made this so much easier and now we can collect and collate all the data we need just by the touch of a button. Here are 18 of the best apps for traveling.

1. Travel List 

What it does: It may sound like a simple idea that you can do with a notepad and pen, but Travel List is much more than what the title suggests. By setting alarms and reminders of things to pack last minute it is a far more interactive list that helps you remember what you have got to do. It can help you plan stops on your trip and syncs with your calendar so it knows when and where you have to be.

Platform: iOS

Cost: $1.99

2. FlightTrack Pro

What it does: Sort of does what it says on the tin really. Track flights with regular updates on delays and cancellations and real-time tracking of where your plane is. Interactive maps help you pinpoint the exact location of your next plane as well as maps of airport terminals and weather updates and how this may affect your flight.

Platform:  iOS, Android, Blackberry

Cost: $9.99

3. TripIt

What it does: Keeping an itinerary of flights, car journeys and hotels, it keeps all your bookings in one place and can be synced with calendars to make sure everything is kept up to date. It also allows you to post your travel plans to social media so people can track your travels and know when and where you'll be next. 

Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free

4. Kayak  

What it does: A price comparison app for flights, hotels, car hire etc., Kayak is useful for the spontaneous traveler. Beyond checking the price of things it also has airport contact details and itineraries as well as being able to track the status of your flight.

Platform: iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free

5. Google Maps

What it does: A brilliant map app that has GPS directions, street view, traffic updates and public transport information. Easily the best mapping app around and entirely free.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: Free


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6. CityMaps2Go

What it does: Another mapping app but with more of a focus on sightseeing so you can put in where you want to go and routes will be planned for you. It has a selection of maps that are available offline and local tips and points of interest.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: $2.99

7. GateGuru

What it does: A handy app for travelers with an itinerary but need the practicalities organized, this app will sort out the connecting puzzle pieces for you by telling you of nearest airports and the services and amenities that are there. Airport maps and tips make things a little easier when in a new place.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

Cost: Free

8. Seat Alerts

What it does: If you've booked a flight but didn't get the seat you want then this app alerts you whenever a seat becomes free so that you can then contact the airline and get your seat switched if neccessary. Useful for the picky traveler or if you need an aisle seat for specific reasons.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: 99c per alert

9. WalkJogRun

What it does: For those trying to stay fit while traveling, it can be a bit of an uphill struggle if you don't know the area but this app informs of the safest areas to be exercising on your own and gives training plans and routes.

Platform: iOS

Cost: $4.99

10. Google Translate

What it does: A great little translation app that has a text and vocal option meaning you can type in what you want to say and either play it back or have a crack yourself. Will also show you how to write it.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

11. iStone Travel Translation

What it does: Another translation app but this one has more specific phrases for certain situations so you know exactly what to say depending on the setting.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

12. Foodspotting

What it does: Rather than recommending restaurants, it recommends specific dishes based on user content so that you can either find that one meal from back home you've been craving or discover what the locals like to eat.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Cost: Free

13. Chefs Feed

What it does: Not your average restaurant recommendation app, as although it has the same basic premise, it shows recommendations from top chefs of what they like in the area.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

14. Mint

 What it does: A budgeting app that tracks how much you are spending and what you have left is really useful for the frugal traveller. By breaking down your spending, it shows where your money is going and what you can save on. Perfectly safe as it only reads your bank numbers and doesn't actually have access to it.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

15. Oanda Currency Converter

What it does: Tracks currency rates so you can compare the cost of over 190 currencies. Updates the data regularly and even allows you to see corporate rates as well.

Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free

16. ICE

What it does: Storing medical data, emergency contact details, and insurance information, this app is there should anything go wrong. This information is all accessible if your phone is locked and can translate said info into 10 different languages.

Platform: Android

Cost: $3.99

17. Poket First Aid and CPR

What it does: Providing clear instructions with images as well, this app shows you what to do in case of a medical emergency.

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: $1.99

18. Whatsapp Messenger

What it does: A messenger app that uses WiFi or 3G rather than data means you can stay in contact with loved ones without necessarily incurring data roaming charges.

Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia

Cost. Free

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