The 11 Best European Cities To Visit In Fall

Wanderlust September 25, 2017 By Vincent

Summer has long been lauded as the best season to travel as you get to see the sights and hear the sounds of people frolicking in the sun with plazas, squares and natural wonders all lit up with natural light. Spring breakers head to the beach whilst many families go to the country but here we contest that Fall is also awesome what with mottled light, beautiful colors on the trees and pumpkin spiced everything!

For those looking at heading to Europe, it can be a real treat in its cooler months as cities become completely different places with shadows creating a different atmosphere and festivals celebrating holidays shaking up the whole experience. Here we look at 11 of the best places to visit there in the fall.

1. London - England

The British capital has long been a hotbed for tourists as they flock to see the history and modernity of a city that has always pushed the boundaries forward but take a trip to the areas outside of the center of the capital and you may find more wonder in the fall than in the summer. Britain is notorious for its rain and cloudy weather but this is quite often overemphasized and glorious fall days which are chilly but filled with sunlight are the perfect time to visit the fringes of the city. 

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Head to the South East area of Greenwich, famed for its naval history, and stroll through the glorious Royal Park that has an observatory at the top that offers up a vantage point where you can see over the Old Royal Naval College, now the University of Greenwich, across the Thames and towards Canary Wharf. Head South West for the Chiswick lantern festival during certain months or go further West to enjoy the Royal Gardens of Kew as the foliage changes into bursts of bright yellows and dark reds.To the North is Hampstead Heath which is wonderful for a stroll whilst all wrapped up in a cozy overcoat. Just don't go on about 'fall' as they'll have no idea what you're on about. The Brits call this season 'Autumn'.


2. Dubrovnik - Croatia

A Southerly city in Croatia, Dubrovnik is famed for its old town that has  baroque churches and an aristocratic palace to explore whilst the season brings classical music and food festival to the city so that much revelry can still be had during these months but don't go expecting it to be cold like much of the rest of Europe as temperatures are likely to be in the 65-degree Fahrenheit range.

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The sea is likely still warm enough to swim in if you've had enough of looking around the cultural treasure troves that are available to explore.


3. Berlin - Germany

Think of typical German fare (sausage, stews, soups etc.) and you'll realize that it is perfect for the colder months as you fuel up on delicious dishes and head out into the city that contains the stunning  Zoologischer Garten that will be in a period of transition, aflame with gold and reds of the leaves that are falling to the floor as well as full of exotic and wonderful animals.


In October, famous landmarks, such as Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Cathedral, are lit up in a festival of lights that illuminates some of the capital's most gorgeous and historic monuments.

4. Lisbon - Portugal

The Mediterranean climate of Lisbon makes it sunnier and milder than many other places at this time of year so you can amble amongst the cities charming and historic streets and parklands quite comfortably but now with the added bonus of it being chestnut season where the street vendors sell them roasted by the bag as a great walking snack.


A hilly, coastal capital, there is plenty to see and do outdoors for those looking at getting some leg work in.


5. Prague - Czech Republic

Cheap, well-brewed beer and great company are what the Czech Republic is renowned for and its capital is hardly short of either of these as the low angle of the sun bathes it in a warm golden light. Many public parks and walks make for beautiful scenery but a short trip out to the Kunratice Forest will see a conglomeration of mushroom pickers making the most of the seasons foraging.


Fantastic native dishes filled with cabbage, pork and potato also contribute to the feeling of warmth and hospitality at chillier times.

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