The 12 Most Visited Cities In The World

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The world is a big and fascinating place full of many great wonders to behold and new people to meet. Undoubtedly, however, some places receive more visitors than others due to their history, culture and entertainment value. Travelers and tourists love to flock to these cities to enrich themselves and to learn more about the world but who is getting the most outsiders in? Here we look at some of the most visited cities in the world and tell you why.

20. Prague, Czech Republic - 5.81 million International Visitors

The capital of the Czech Republic where the old Moravian and Bohemian empires meet, unlike much of the rest of Europe, Prague's infrastructure and architecture remained relatively untouched from the ravages of WWII so the glorious buildings that date right back to the 14th century remain largely in place.

Also seen as a gateway between the East and West, the country has a history that is peppered with invasion, occupation, and revolution that, although tragic, makes it a place of interest. With a proud brewing tradition of cheap and flavorful beer, it is also a popular destination for lager enthusiasts and stag and hen parties from around Europe.


19. Shanghai, China - 6.12 million International Visitors

The most populous city in China, Shanghai is a global financial center and thus attracts a lot of business travelers to its reaches. Outside of this, though, it blends ancient tradition with ultra-modern technology and design as it grew from a shipping and trade center in the 19th century due to its advantageous position on the Yangtze river delta.

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With a grand imperial history, it is now a showcase city of China's booming economy that receives large swathes of investment to maintain it at the peak of global trade.


18. Vienna, Austria - 6.69 million International Visitors

The capital of Vienna with a regal history that saw it become one of the most beautiful and highly decorated cities in the 18th and 19th centuries with medieval and baroque design littering the facades of the buildings. With a spectacular musical legacy as well of many of the great thinkers of the 20th century coming from the city, it attracts a wide array of visitors.


With a globally renowned high-quality of life, the city has become popular for those seeking to find the finer things or for an escape from their regular lives.

17. Osaka, Japan - 7.02 million International Visitors

A major economic hub for Japan, Osaka's historic buildings, and imperial history make it an attraction as its walled castle, vibrant cuisine and stunning pagodas draw in those wanting to see the sites. Historically a merchant city, it sits on the mouth of the Yodo river at Osaka bay and when the peach blossoms are in bloom it is a sight to behold.

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Modernity has a place in the city as well with the centers for many major banks and film studios being positioned there with a network of urban canals often used to get around.


16. Rome, Italy - 7.12 million International Visitors

Italy's capital is known for its history spanning right back to the origins of the Roman Empire and beforehand with many of the ruins and buildings of bygone ages still in place. Also, a capital for culture and cuisine, the arts and theater crowds are matched by foodies and coffee drinkers looking for the best of the best.


The Italian Renaissance had a heavy influence on Rome's style and the baroque architecture it inspired is still largely in place. Galleries and museums are a massive draw as is its proximity to the Vatican, the center of the Holy Roman Empire.

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