10 Stunning Natural Wonders in Asia

Wanderlust September 11, 2017 By Vincent

Asia is a vast and stunning continent with a wealth of culture and natural wonders that can not be found anywhere else in the world but say Asia and people instantly tend to think of the cultures, cuisine, people and architecture rather than the natural wonders that it has to offer up.

Here, we take a look at some of these beautiful landforms and show you what Asia really has to offer which will have you booking your flights almost instantly!

1. Deitan Falls - China and Vietnam

Known as the Ban Gioc – Detian Falls, these two waterfalls straddle to border between China and Vietnam on the Quây Sơn River.


Over thousands of years, the waterfall has eroded its crest and slowly moved upstream. It currently appears to be two waterfalls most of the time but when the river is swollen due to summer rains can form one fall again.


2. Gokyo Lakes - Nepal

When heading to Nepal, many head toward Mount Everest (or at least the base camp) which means that the stunning Gokyo lakes get criminally neglected. However, undertaking the Gokyo Rir (Gokyo Lakes Trek) will take you over 17,000 feet above the Himalaya.

Olga Danylenko/

Above lakes and clouds, you'll get a whole new perspective on its neighbor, Mount Everest. The lakes themselves cover more than six miles of land and are fed by the jaw-dropping Ngozumpa Glacier.


3. Chocolate Hills - The Philippines

Conical hills that are a vibrant green when the rainy season hits, they truly get their name from when the rains disappear, and the verdant scenery no longer has anything to feed it. Jutting up from the island of Bohol, the hills are a national geological monument of the Philippines.

Maks Ershov/

Local legend would have you believe that the hills were formed by two fighting giants who were hurling stones and sand back and forth until they were too tired to clash.

4. Mount Kelimutu - Indonesia

Located on the island of Flores, with three summit crater lakes, the mountain itself is quite remote and requires some trekking to get there. However, it is well worth the effort as each lake has a different hue to it due to the mineral-rich underwater fumaroles.

Christopher Mazmanian/

The joy of this is that you never know what colors the lakes will be until you get there.


5. Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park - China

Multicolored mountains crop up everywhere about the Geological Park as red limestone and mineral deposits create stunning vistas from layers of rock that have formed over millions of years.


Only becoming a national park in 2011, it has been voted by various Chinese media outlets as the most beautiful landforms in the country.

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