5 of The Best Stargazing Locations in the World

Published 2 years ago on September 6, 2017
By Hugo

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to venture into the wilderness and get lost in phantasmagorical constellations? 


Well, whether you're by yourself, with a group of friends, or wanting to share a romantic moment with your loved one, we recommend you get all starry-eyed by booking a trip to one of these five incredible stargazing locations.

1. Easter Island, Chile

Famed around the world for the islands 887 headstones created by the early Rapa Nui settlers, Hanga Roa's 3,304 residents account for over half Easter Island's population. And though secluded (the closest inhabited neighbor is the Pitcairn Islands, over 1289 miles away) Easter Island does have an entirely functioning airport.

But though the island continues to attract more visitors, few are aware of the extraordinary stargazing opportunities on offer, with burning stars decorating the sky most nights to complement an already other-worldly setting.

2. Trysil, Norway

Any serious stargazer will tell you that a trip to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights is a must, with the capricious and ever-changing lights impressing even the most zealous of contravenes. 

The best places to see this spectacular light display are in the winter months, with Iceland, Norway, and Finland all good locations, but we like the look of Trysil in Eastern Norway, where specially-designed cabins allow you to watch one of nature's great wonders from the comfort of your bed.

3. Death Valley National Park, California

Stargazing in a place called 'Death Valley' may not sound like a magical experience, but if you take away the ominous name, stargazing in one of California's most remote locations is as good as any. 

Moreover, DV is the world's largest dark sky reserve, with 300 acres of barren land allowing for some of the darkest skies in America.

4. Aoraki Mackenzie, New Zealand

This bucolic wonder and dark sky reserve was the first to be designated in the Southern Hemisphere and to this day, remains the world’s biggest and many come from far and wide to experience such clear and bright sights.

A large reason behind this is because of the reserve's dedication to being as free from light pollution as possible, which all but guarantees visitors a breathtaking night sky.

5. Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Far away from the heavily industrialized areas of America's other 49 states, Hawaii is scenically the most beautiful of them all, and because of the island's industry revolving around tourism, its natural beauty has hardly been tarnished.

This pleasing reality means that stargazing opportunities are plentiful, but for those interested in the ultimate experience, a trip to Manua Kea's famed observatories perched atop the world's largest sea mountain is a must.

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