20 of The Most Beautiful Countries In The World

Wanderlust September 4, 2017 By Vincent

Rough Guides are a company that produces guide books for most of the countries around the world and recently they were interested in finding out where readers of their books and users of their website thought was the most beautiful place on Earth? 

Collating the answers from asking where is the most beautiful country in the world, they compiled a list of the top 20 and here we go through them and see why they ranked so highly with seasoned travelers.

20. Vietnam

Famed for its gloriously lush jungles and verdant hillsides steeped in terraced paddy fields and small holdings, Vietnam is rich in natural beauty and wonder and it's not just inland where you can see this.

Hanoi Photography/

Stunning rock formations in Ha Long bay and quiet, sandy beaches all add to the charm of the country.


19. Croatia

Ancient cities that remain in tact with their wonderful and historic architecture are a big draw for this Eastern European country as is its near Mediterranean climate that complements its stunning 2000km coastline.


The coastline itself has sandy beaches dotted with fortifications from times gone by that overlook the azure waters that lap at the land. In land, National Parks filled with forests and cascading waterfalls are more than enough to lose yourself in their jaw dropping effervescence.


18. Ireland

There is a reason Ireland is known as 'the Emerald Isle' and that's because of its island location off the West coast of the United Kingdom and mainland Europe makes for perfect weather conditions to produce a land of greenery.


Rolling mountains that fall off into a rugged coastline and forests and swamps that sit on peat bogs make for a diverse ecosystem and stunning visages.

17. Norway

Norway is noted for its gorgeous and rugged scenery and its fjords are no exception to this with the crisp, clean Nordic air making everything seem brighter, clearer and more in focus. In winter this manifests itself as a sort of stunning contrast of bleakness and beauty as the snow makes the towering fjords a pure white whilst the waters become so dark they look almost pitch black.

Morten Normann Almeland/

Come the spring and the snow will melt away and the fjords will burst into color with the towering, rocky walls feeling almost untouched and untainted


16. Peru

Peru's majesty comes in a variety of forms from its portion of the Amazon rainforest that is split by mighty rivers to its towering peaks of the Andes mountain ranges, the country has sand, snow and pretty much most of the points in between these two.

Its remnants of ancient civilizations from Mayans and Incans also add to its many gorgeous vistas including the famed Macchu Pichu.

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