10 Little-Known Romantic Getaways You'll Never Want To Leave

Published 2 years ago on August 31, 2017
By Hugo

A holiday can often make or break a romantic relationship, which is why it's best to make sure your holiday ticks as many boxes as possible. To do this, The Travel Lane has compiled a list of 10 little-known locations that we believe are perfect for that much-coveted romantic getaway. 

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1. Chiavari, Italy

Less than an hour's drive from Genoa's main airport lies the small seaside town of Chiavari. Known to few outside Italy, the town offers a relaxed alternative to the nearby Ligurian town of Portofino.

Perfect for couples and honeymooners, the area offers a superb array of downtown restaurants, with the pizzeria Claudio's a firm favourite among locals. Ferries to the more costly parts of Liguria, such as Portofino and Cinque Terra also run regularly, making Chiavari a more modest yet quieter alternative to the places more synonymous with the region.

2. Saint-Martin-de-Ré, France

Forget Saint-Tropez and the nearby towns of Cannes and Nice. If you want to experience an authentic France, then look no further than the picturesque commune of Saint-Martin-de-Ré in Southwest France. 

Nicknamed the French Hamptons, the place is a favourite among well-heeled Parisians due to its unashamedly Galic appearance, with whitewashed houses, sequestered vineyards and quaint harbours taking precedent over the touristy hotels and restaurants that dominate large parts of the French Riveria. 

3. Morris, Connecticut, USA 

If your idea of romance involves cosy fireside chats and acres of leafy countryside, then a stay in the American state of Connecticut might be the perfect place for your romantic rendezvous. 

Being one of New England's crown jewels, the state, as well as offering some of the brightest colours you'll see in any fall year, also houses an array of homely hotels. Winvian Farm's luxury cabins in Morris, for instance, are themed and tailor-made for the perfect experience. Beaver Lodge comes with a double-sided fireplace and a living tree growing in the sitting room. Maritime, a cottage imitating the shape of a lighthouse, is filled with a plethora of nautical antiques while Treehouse, (which as the name suggests, is indeed a treehouse) is hung 35 feet from the forest floor.

4. Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia

Holding the Guinness World Record for the world's whitest sand, a romantic evening stroll across Australia's lesser-known Hymas Beach, which lies 3 hours south of Sydney, will provide you with all the scenery you need to make your holiday with your loved one a memorable one.

Admittedly, getting to Australia can be arduous, and unless you happen to live there, getting there won't be pleasant. But with scenery that wouldn't look out of place on a dentist's ceiling, you will realise the journey was well worth the wait.

5. Fez, Morocco

It's easy to get caught up in the quirky and multi-coloured market stalls of Marrakech and forget that the North African gem has many other areas that are equally as eye-catching. Take Fez. The Northern medieval city offers a bit of everything, and unlike your typical beach retreat, Fez is home to a plethora of cultural monuments including 14th-century religious schools decorated with gorgeous tiles and magnificent cedar carvings. 

As well as being Morocco's cultural capital, the buzzing city is home to an endless supply of boutique hotels, but our favourite is a 17th-century palace. Riad Laaroussa, which is characterised by its mosaic floors and fassi furniture, offers an authentic experience while being nearby to the city's bustling market square where artisans trade with tourists.

6. Savannah, Georgia, USA

The American South is awash with unique selling points and the beautiful town of Savannah in the state of Georgia is no exception. Used as a filming location for romantic films like the Nicholas Sparks' tearjerker The Last Song and the much famed Tom Hank's movie, Forest Gump, Savannah's sun-drenched walkways and abundant supply of Spanis Moss trees ornately decorate much of this coastal city.

Not only this but Savannah's beaches are some of America's best. Merge this with its antebellum architecture, world-class BBQ joints and all-round goodness of its locals, and you have a city that is one of America's best-kept secrets.

7. Kerala, India

A calming addition to India's tropical Malabar Coast, this fairyland of a state houses 49 villas rich in traditional details with wooden gables, carved doors, and towering brass locks forming most of the accommodation's materials.

Being India, the local cuisine is rivalled by few other countries, with an exotic blend of spiced curries and unusual ice creams served at the many restaurants dotted along the coast. For couples wanting an adventure as well as sun-kissed skin, minutes from most resorts is a 14-acre Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary while boats are readily available for those wishing to take in the phantasmagorical Hindu temples. 

8. Patmos, Greece

Avoid the much-visited islands of Santorini and Crete and opt for the tiny but historical island of Patmos (St. John the Theologian is believed to have written the Book of Revelations in the nearby Cave of the Apocalypse). Accessible only via boat, getting there may prove strenuous, but just like with Australia's Hymas Beach, the result is more than worth it.

From the port of Skala, rustic but restored hotels overlook the Aegean Sea, while its coastline, which is home to Diaofti Beach, is rarely occupied- given you ample smooching time before you finally decide to make your way back home.

9. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver Island is the ideal romantic retreat for those wishing to get away from everything but each other. With that said, there is a thriving art scene in its central city, Victoria, but for the best experience, we advise you embrace your inner adventurer and head to the rural location of Tofino.

Rich in wildlife, ancient forests and breathtaking beaches like Long Beach and Chesterman Beach, many luxury cabins are available to rent close to the seafront, while killer whales jumping out from their natural habitat are relatively common sights.

10. Koh Lanta, Thailand

Comprised of several little islands, Koh Lanta, located in Krabi Province, has something for everyone. And whether it's coral beaches, rich mangroves or verdant rainforests, Koh Lanta is far from one-dimensional. The accommodation is also multifaceted and ranges from sparse huts to five-star joints, with the high-end hotels offering views and amenities that are just as stunning as those on Thailand's more established islands. 

To make the most of your stay, we recommend you hop to as many different parts of the island as possible, though with each being just as dreamy, we wouldn't blame you if you stayed put for the duration of your stay.

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