10 Places That Deserve More Travelers

Published 2 years ago on August 17, 2017
By Vincent

The world is full of amazing sights and stunning locations and the demand to see the most talked about landmarks or attractions often leaves many other great wonders to become little-known gems.

Here we document 10 places that deserve more travelers and the reasons why.

1. Armenia

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia has mostly been associated with war and military rule but the country is actually pretty safe. Tourist infrastructure has been growing with a focus on adventure backpacking as there is a great deal of natural beauty in the country that can be explored. It also has a great amount of history what with it being the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, in A.D. 301. Ancient monasteries stand amongst the wildflower hills of the country as well as pagan temples and working spas.


The south of the country is lush and verdant but travelers should be aware that rare but occasional skirmishes do break out on the Karabakh border and border control may not let you through if they feel you've been to one of the countries they currently have a strained relationship with.

2. Nicaragua

Many South American countries have struggled with the drug trade and related problems impacting its tourism but Nicaragua is actually one of the safest countries in the region. With two stunning coastlines and forests in the middle of the country that are home to toucans and other stunning, tropical birds, and wild boars and the waters contain gentle manatees.


Its influx of other cultures throughout history has meant that its culture is a rich mishmash of latin American, creole, and Spanish and this goes for the cuisine as well wich is diverse and delightful in equal measure.

3. Nepal

Long attracting the more intrepid adventurer, the country was hit by earthquakes in 2015 and travelers have since been reluctant to return. With fewer and fewer people going to the tiny nation, tourists who do go may not see many people on their travels and this is ideal for those who want to get lost in the natural landscape of the mountainous regions.


Adventure trails run through the country for mountaineers and trekkers alike whilst ancient Buddhist temples crop up in the towns, cities and remote rural areas of this tiny nation.

4. Iran

Located in a region of instability and political and religious tensions, Iran has been left off many people's lists of places to go and was a near impossibility for Americans due to frosty relations between the two countries. With these becoming more cordial in the past year, you can now get a visa to the country in order to see its 19 UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Suwida Boonyatistarn/

Despite the violence in the Middle-East, Iran is actually quite a stable country and further infrastructure are coming into the country all the time. Once the center of the Persian empire and at the crossroads of Christian and Islamic cultures it has plenty on offer to see and learn about.

5. Kosovo

In terms of being a country, it has only existed for a few years, declaring independence in 2008. Perhaps it is because of this that visitors don't go and see its medieval castles, 14th-century basilicas and rolling mountains filled with walking and biking trails. Another problem is that it is associated with the war that gripped Eastern Europe in the 1990s and many assume it is still an unsafe country to go to which is simply not the case.

Robert Dobra/

There are still minefields from the conflict in certain regions so do make sure not to stray off of marked paths but with the country still discovering its identity (it hasn't even got its own official soccer team yet in a continent obsessed with the sport) it is an exciting time for the nation.

6. Uzbekistan

A restrictive state that deals with political dissent in rapid and brutal fashion, it is actually very safe for travelers although be aware not to coax locals into a discussion on such issues as it won't be you dealing with the consequences.


Once the epicenter of the legendary silk road, it has a wealth of history and a history of wealth running through its veins. Home to some of the best examples of Islamic architecture in the world, Art, and trade were once rife in this region and the fingerprints it left behind are still all around to see.

7. Albania

Like its neighbor Kosovo, Albania has long been associated with war, strife and totalitarian rule but this has all passed by now and it is slowly rebuilding itself in the model of other European democracies. Coastal beaches on the Adriatic sea are punctuated with Greco-Roman ruins and Orthodox churches.

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With Christian, Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman rule at points throughout the country's history leaves a rich mosaic of culture and art throughout the nation.

8. Timor-Leste

Commonly known as East Timor, the small Asian nation has had a tumultuous history what with it being a Portuguese colony until 1970 only to then be annexed by neighboring Indonesia until 1999. Now independent and relatively stable, the country is home to stunning coral networks along its coastlines and verdant forests inland.

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Carnival season brings out all the color and culture of the nation where it captures all of the diversity that outside rule has left it with as well as its own unique tastes and traditions.

9. Georgia

The collapse of the Soviet Union and then a brief yet devastating war with Russia in 2008 saw Georgia struggle but heavy investment has seen the country rapidly develop into a bohemian and diverse spot on the globe. The constantly growing cities mix the ultra-modern with rich history whilst the mountains contain many vineyards and wineries selling cheap and delicious local wine.


Swiss style chalets in the hills are contrasted with stunning black sea resorts on the coast.

10. Tunisia

With its first democratically president now in charge, the country has struggled to regain an image of peace after the fall of its dictator and several terrorist attacks in recent years but things are improving in the country.


Ruined imperial cities and Islamic spots of pilgrimage compliment the white sand beaches and sparkling waters. Big on their arts, international artists have been invited to the country before to showcase their work and the historical work often remains in place.

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