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10 Dos & Donts of the Social Media Obsessed Traveler

Published 2 years ago on August 16, 2017
By Vincent

Traveling in a constantly connected world has both its pros and cons and for the social media savvy adventurer, this can throw up some problems in itself.

Wanting to let people know what you are up to or show them the sights you've seen is one thing but being bothersome and upsetting people by seemingly bragging is not ideal so here are 10 Do's and Don'ts for the social media using traveler.

1. Do Share Quality Moments, Don't Share All of Them

The good old days of the post-trip debrief with friends where you tell them what happened and how, are long gone as they are practically with you every step of the way as you check-in to airports, hotels and even sandwich shops.

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Make sure just to share the truly stunning moments, pictures of things that can't otherwise be described otherwise your friends will be bored of your stories before you've already gotten home.

2. Don't Make Things Look Better Than They Are

Sure, it's good to look good but don't spend hours trying to capture the perfect shot and make it look like it came out of a travel brochure. So many shots nowadays are silky, glossy misrepresentations of places that often miss out the interesting bits.


You looking more human and having a laugh is also far more interesting to many than a posed, picture perfect shot. Besides, no one is fooled by filters anymore.

3. Don't Humblebrag

Don't be that person....don't be the one who posts a picture of you drinking cocktails by the beach or doing something truly amazing with the caption "How's your Monday?" It's an awful thing to do because people are working and don't have the same opportunities as you and now you're rubbing it in.


For the most part, people don't mind seeing you enjoy yourself but if you are taunting others with it, it is not a great move and may see you blocked or unfriended very quickly.

4. Don't Just Use Social Media To Stay In Touch

Social media is an amazing tool and is great for sharing widely, but it is not the same as taking the time to sit down and write something or even just picking up the phone.

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People will really appreciate that you thought of them personally if you just skype or email once in a while.

5. Do Be Original

There is so much stuff making up the internet of things that quite often, a regular pic or post will just be lost in amongst the dross. A picture of you putting your finger on top of the Eiffel tower or propping up the Tower of Pisa is not original and has been done to death.


If you can deliver something with genuine wit, humor or warmth then go for it, don't be afraid to show off your weird side as long as it came from your own mind and isn't just parodying someone else.

6. Don't Use A Load Of Hashtags

They started out as a way of joining in on a global conversation, but now they're used for ironic asides and for ruthless self-promotion. If you want your friends and family to see it then just share it where they will see and don't think people are going to trawl through all of your hashtags.


If you think they're useful or relevant, then go for it but don't add a load for the sake of it. #sorrynotsorry

7. Do Master Your Chosen Medium

If you're using Instagram to create a visual diary of where you've been or Liveblogging your trip on Twitter make sure you know how to get the best out of that medium and to present yourself clearly.


There's nothing more irritating than someone who had uploaded a video the wrong way around or posts sporadically with sometimes nothing at all and then sometimes a load of stuff. Also, hone your craft and learn how to take a decent photo or some video editing skills.

8. Don't Spend All Your Time On Social Media

It's okay to post things every once in a while, and it's good to take pics and vids to document your trip but don't experience it through a screen. Make sure to put your phone or computer down and just enjoy being in the moment.

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Otherwise, you'll get home and realize you didn't see anything at all that you couldn't have just googled.

9. Do Upload Breathtaking Moments

It's okay to show off the amazing things you've seen if that's just what they are. It's not bragging if you genuinely think it is worth a look at.

Let people know what is out there and inspire them to travel too.

10. Do Share

Don't feel bad about sharing, like we said; it's okay to share if it is worth sharing and if you are enjoying yourself, let people know and include them in the conversation.

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Just don't make others feel bad in the process. Go out there and see the world!

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