10 Hidden Spots In Europe That Will Blow Your Mind

Published 2 years ago on July 4, 2017
By Vincent

When it comes to travel, there are certain places that are on everyone's list to go because everyone knows about them. These places are usually stunningly beautiful or unique and so deserve the attention they garner but there are some hidden gems out there that just don't get the credit they deserve alongside these better-known locations.

Here, we take a look at some hidden destinations in Europe that are worth more of a mention than they get.

1. Asturias, Spain

Whilst most head to the capital ofMadrid, the beaches of Barcelona or the festivals and religious sites of Valencia, Spain has a wealth of glorious regions that so often slip under the radar of tourists and travelers alike.

Image: Marques/

The Covadonga convent (which doubles as the main entrance to Picos de Europa National Park) is an absolutely stunning spot in the area where the lush green hills and beautifully clear waters make for great hiking and swimming opportunities whilst prices remain a darn site cheaper than other destinations in the country.

2. Tenby, Wales, UK

Wales is filled with spectacular rolling hills and gloriously quaint villages and even has some of the best beaches in Europe (yes, really) but if heading to the coast, many get down to Polperro or Mevagissey but if you want a real sense of the classic British seaside holiday then Tenby may well be the best option.

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A Victorian seaside development that looks toward Caldey Island, the multicolored houses on the beachfront are just part of the charm of the town, where the center is a collection of narrow, higgledy-piggledy streets that are pedestrianized during the day.

3. Zaandam, Netherlands

Nearby to Amsterdam, Zaandam often gets overlooked for its neighbor as well as places like Rotterdam and Eindhoven which are noted for their restaurants and compelling nightlife.

Image: Suratwadee Karkkainen/

A leading city during the industrial revolution, Zaandam made its name as a big milling city. Now, by modern city standards, it is quite small but the large and brightly colored windmills that have become icons of the country dot the canals.

4. Saaremaa Island, Estonia

The largest island of Estonia, Saaremaa sits in the Baltic sea and holds the 9 Kaali craters that are thought to have been created by meteorites some 3,500 years ago, with the largest now forming the beautifully green-fringed Kaali lake.

Image: Alex Polo/

There is only one town on the island that sits in the Gulf of Riga where a stunning medieval castle which houses the Saaremaa Regional Museum can be found.

5. Colmar, France

In the Alsace region, this gorgeous French town draws its beauty from not being uniquely French but rather being uniquely European. Situated near both Germany and Switzerland, it has a sense of 1,000 years of the continent's history.

Image: DiegoMariottini/

With its historical center being a protected area, it has undergone careful restoration in recent years and holds a certain country town charm to it.

6. Velika Planina, Slovenia

Slovenia is a tiny country that packs in many jaw-dropping places and whilst many head to the capital of Ljubljana or the nearby Lake Bled they overlook the rural splendor of places like Velika Planina which has the oldest preserved herdsmen settlement in Europe.

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Also an area great for entertainment, it hosts over 60 festivals in just one season from cultural events to sporting competitions, pageants, and musical displays.

7. Dinanant, Belgium

2,000km of hiking trails in the hills above the town that lines the Meuse River offer a great way to interact with the surrounding nature of Dinant but the town itself isn't without plenty to do.

Image: Anibal Trejo/

Ancient ruins give a sense of the past whilst the Chateau and Farm of Falaën provide a more modern look at what is on offer.

8. Burano, Italy

When you think of an Italian settlement filled with canals and water channels, most would immediately allow their minds to jump to Venice but whilst it may be lacking in the regality and ornateness of its Southerly lying neighbor, Burano makes up for with the striking imagery of the multi-colored houses reflecting in the green waters of the aforementioned channels.

Image: Hamish Gray/

An Oblique Bell Tower in the town square where people gather to enjoy the sunny climes offers an old world ambiance like no other.

9. Pag Island, Croatia

On the Adriatic coast, the lunar landscape of this rocky outcrop may seem surreal but it is also stunning in its desert nature. The town is a historic spot of soaring summer temperatures and quaint houses.

Image: xbrchx/

Local delicacies and lace are what keep the economy ticking along as local wine and cheese are all well worth a try.

10. Lake Hallstatt, Austria

Whilst Vienna has the culture and bigger Alpine resorts attract the skiers and snowboarders, if you stray away from these tourists regions and into Salzkammergut, you will be treated by one of the most beautiful Alpine lakes in the country.

Image: Life is made of moments/

The Mammoth Cave and Dachstein ice caves are awesome forays into the natural formations of the mountains whilst the salt-mine and mountain railway are also dramatic sites to immerse yourself in.

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