The 10 Most Cultured Cities In The World

Culture April 3, 2017 By Vincent

Culture, at times, can be hard to define and just because one place has more cultural institutions than others it doesn't necessarily make it more cultured than others. It is, however, a good indicator. Price comparison website have recently released a ranking of the most cultured cities by tallying their cultural attractions.

The full list takes into account the total number of cultural institutions per capita, as well as all the Michelin data they could get their hands on and the number of overnight international visits for 30 of the world's most visited countries.  They then looked at those with the most theaters, museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Michelin starred restaurants. Here we look at the top 10.


10. London, UK

The British capital has an absolute wealth of cultural institutions, but it also has a large population meaning that there needs to be a fair few of these institutions to make sure that accessibility is available to the majority. Of course, being a wealthy nation, it also has a significant amount of Michelin-starred restaurants as well, putting to bed the notion that British food is all dour, stodgy and bland.

Theaters: 878
Museums: 186
Art galleries: 125
World Heritage Sites: 4
Concert halls: 17
Michelin-starred restaurants: 67

9. Vienna, Austria

Austria has long been considered a cultural mecca with its rich, multicultural history and imperial origins, the city has long been a seat of beauty and culture for Europe as it packed as much culture as it possibly could into its small space and, as such,  In 2001, the city centre was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Image Credot: hbieser via Pixabay

Theaters: 55
Museums: 103
Art galleries: 14
World Heritage Sites: 2
Concert halls: 7
Michelin-starred restaurants: 9

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