The 10 Happiest Countries In The World - 2016

Culture November 30, 2016 By Vincent


Image: via Pixabay

Every year, the United Nations measures the quality of life of people across the globe through intense surveys and data analysis. What makes a happy country includes several factors including level of physical happiness, political stability and just the feeling of contentment. Since the UN started measuring happiness back in 2012, the same 13 countries have dominated the highest echelons of the rankings and all seem to have a formula of good governance, strong sense of community, respect for fellow citizens, and general high quality of life.



You can read the full report by clicking here but we look at the top 10 happiest countries in the world.

10. Sweden

One of five Nordic countries that make their way into the top 10, Sweden is a beautiful country with gorgeous and stunning scenery. Strangely enough, part of why Sweden is so happy is their coffee culture. One of the three highest coffee consuming countries in the world, Sweden has a cultural affinity to coffee with a notion called 'fika'.


This is literally just a break time where coffee and cake are consumed but so ingrained into the national psyche is it, that people will quite often make time in their working day for it and it helps communities bond as locals will often discuss events and goings on during fika.

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