8 Great Places To Go For The Choco-holic Traveler

Luxury December 30, 2016 By Vincent

We all like to indulge our sweet tooth every now and then but there are some that really enjoy the sweeter side of life and have a  real craving for their chocolate fix. But what can these choco fans do when on vacation? Where can they get the best and what is there to see and do? Here we catalog 8 of the best places for any chocoholic to visit including Cadbury World in Bourneville, UK. Bourneville is a purpose made village that was built in the 19th century by the Cadbury family so they could provide high-quality housing for their factory workers. Quaint and beautiful, it is just on the outskirts of Birmingham but does also include the Cadbury factory, a company who probably has a chocolate bar in every supermarket, corner shop and newsagents in the country.

By Rept0n1x (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, you can try out new flavors, treats and sweets that you'll find nowhere else in the world at the factory as well as seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all about its history and how it is made.


Eurochocolate - Perugia, Italy

Between the 14th and 23rd of October, the city of Perugia hosts a massive chocolate festival where you can peruse the stalls for unique flavors and styles from all across the globe.

Image Source: via Pexels

It's not all about tasting though as you can get a chocolate sculpture haircut, try cooking lessons with the gooey food or check out the stunning chocolate sculptures.

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