10 Princesses From Around The World Who Give Kate Middleton A Run For Her Money

Culture November 28, 2016 By Hugo

Royal families have long been associated with the British monarchy and because of the long-standing fascination people have with British royalty, it can be easy to forget that there are other royal families with their very own Kate Middletons.

Just take these beautiful princesses. Resplendent and admirable in equal measure, their beauty is befitting of their titles and goes to show that royalty extends well beyond the British Isles. 

Here are 10 princesses who could give The Duchess a run for her money. 

1. Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

Monaco is a principality laden with wealth and prestige, and one of its most famous residents is the breathtakingly beautiful princess, Charlotte Casiraghi.

Going by the official title, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, the stunner, who also has French, American, Italian, English, German, Mexican, Irish and Swedish ancestry, is eighth in line to the Monegasque throne and is a household name in her native France.

What's more, Charlotte became the first woman to model for Gucci's cosmetic range, and with a face like hers, that's hardly surprising.  A fan of sports, she is also a keen horse rider but maintains a girly love for all things fashion, something recognised by Vanity Fair who included Charlotte in their 2016 International Best Dressed list. 

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