30 Low-Budget Movies That Made Huge Profits At The Box Office

Culture April 11, 2019 By Hugo

1. Get Out ($4.5m budget)

YouTube/ Movieclips Trailer

Get Out was Jordan Peele's directorial debut and had a modest budget of only $4.5m. However, it proved an indie hit and made an astonishing $255m worldwide. The film featured rising British star Daniel Kaluuya as an African-American man visiting his Caucasian girlfriend's parents for the first time.

While we aren't in the business of revealing any spoilers, Peel's film gets weird pretty quickly, with the uneasy experience of meeting the parents coupled with the cringe racial comments from the father (if he could have voted for Obama for a third term he would have) leading to a series of paranormal events that were near-Hitchcockian.  

The masterful, contemporary storytelling proved a hit with critics too, with the focus on passive liberal racism as opposed to more extreme, alt-right versions making for a film that wasn't only a great horror flick, but a superb critique of the everyday racism ubiquitous to areas of the country that can often go unnoticed.

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