This Dog's Reaction To Being Brushed Down Is All Of Us

Interest February 28, 2019 By Hugo

The saying goes that it's a cat's life, but if you're asking us, we will take being a dog any day of the week.

Rumble/ goldentalisker

Sure, you get fewer freedoms. You can't just roll into the house at 4am with a mouse wedged between your fangs.

Heck, you can't even jump into everyone's back gardens. But you do get A LOT more love, as this adorable, so-cute-it-hurts video proves.

Yes, Talisker the Golden Retriever relishes getting brushed by its owner. Just look at its reaction! If cuteness could solve world peace, then this video would be played at every peace conference in the world!

Watch the beautiful video for yourself below this article and let us know in the comments if your dog does the same!


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