30 Facts You Never Knew About The Hit TV Series M*A*S*H

Interest February 25, 2019 By Max

2. Alan Alda's perfect role

Before the success of M*A*S*H, Alan Alda’s Hollywood career hadn't been anything to shout about. But then he hit the big time playing Captain Hawkeye Pierce, and the rest was history. Not only was Alda the best actor in the audition process he was also suited to the role having served in the Army Reserve during the actual Korean War. After graduating from Fordham University, Alda gave into his jingoistic urges and signed up to the military.

Alda served as a gunnery officer, but he wasn't the only actor. Jamie Farr and Corporal Klinger also had a military history during the Korean War which helped the actors immerse themselves in their characters.

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