30 Facts You Never Knew About The Hit TV Series M*A*S*H

Interest February 25, 2019 By Max

Along with the likes of Little House on the Prairie and Three's Company, M*A*S*H  remains one of America's most beloved sitcoms. Lasting 11 seasons, the hit CBS show drew its inspiration from real-life events in the Korean War, making for a perfect blend of both humor, satire, and drama.

YouTube/Alec McGrath

Even today, 37 years after the final episode aired, the show's dedicated fan base remains. As well as winning copious awards, the show also kickstarted the career of one Alan Alda. But do you know about the juicy gossip that went on behind the scenes and little-known facts about the show itself? Read on as we list some extraordinary facts about one of America's greatest ever tv series.

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