30 Great Books That Every Young Person Should Read

Culture February 13, 2019 By Hugo

Books are magical things, that are now competing with various other mediums of entertainment that require less of an attention span. From Netflix and Amazon Prime to HBO dramas and the latest Marvel blockbusters, books- at least for young people- appear to have been relegated to the bottom of the cultural shopping basket, but that doesn't mean you should entirely forget about them.

Shutterstock/Andrii Kobryn

While we are not telling you to go on a massive reading binge, you'll be surprised what you can get out of life by simply reading a couple of books a year. So what better way to reignite your love for words than by compiling a list of 30 timeless novels, self-help books and classic works of non-fiction geared towards young people. 

If you think we missed out any masterpieces, be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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