30 Of The World's Most Exclusive Universities

Interest January 23, 2019 By Hugo

Getting accepted to these esteemed learning establishments isn't easy. Even a 4.0-grade point average wouldn't be enough. In fact, to have any chance at all, you will be required to possess an awe-inspiring SAT score, a long list of extracurricular activities and perhaps most importantly, a family who can afford the extortionate tuition and accommodation fees.

Shutterstock/ Jorge Salcedo

Of course, there are always scholarships on offer, but competition for them is fierce, with even the brightest kids in the country unable to be guaranteed a place at some of these schools. Thus, to give you better insight into these uber-competitive colleges, we've compiled a list of the hardest universities to get into, some of which have been calculated by the lowest acceptance rates and the highest SAT and ACT test scores based from data gathered in 2018. 

The list is in no particular oder.

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