Avatar 2 & 3 Could Be Coming To Cinemas Sooner Than Expected

Culture January 17, 2019 By Hugo

Production on James Cameron's blue new worlds is now finished, according to the latest reports.

The original film made over $2 billion worldwide and was once the highest grossing movie of all time, proving Hollywood titan James Cameron's biggest hit since Titanic.

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Years in the making, the sequels were filmed back to back, which the Terminator director admitted was confusing at times.

"One day I'll be working on scenes from [Avatar2, the next day I'll be working on scenes from 3, and the actors come in and go, 'Oh, we're working on 3 today.'"

But the length of time between the release of the first film and the second and third shouldn't be surprising- it took almost 10 years to make the first one.

However, Cameron has no plans to wrap up the bemouth franchise anytime soon. Plans are already underway for a fourth and fifth movie.

But a report from the Independent claimed the final two films might never be made if the merger between Disney and Fox goes ahead. This could diminish the creative control of Cameron's projects.  

Yet Cinemablend reports that Fox will only be given the green light to 4 and 5 if 2 and 3 perform as well as the first movie.

However, if the merger does go ahead, according to Geek Tyrant, Disney could have the final say which may be good news for Cameron seeing that Disney World is home to the Pandora - The World of Avatar theme park.

Of course, the main caveat of Fox is the astronomical production costs involved in the making of such groundbreaking films, with the estimated expenses for the fourth and fifth films being close to $1bn.

Despite the high costs involved, Cameron said in the past that he is determined to film the remaining four. "The thing is, my focus isn't on Avatar 2. It's on Avatar 234 and 5 equally. That's exactly how I'm approaching it."

Avatar 2 is set to be released on 18 December 2020, with Avatar 3 coming a year later on 17 December 2021. 

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