30 Martin Luther King Facts You May Not Have Learnt In School

Culture January 11, 2019 By Hugo

A civil rights pioneer and a leading advocate of racial equality, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) is considered one of the most significant American leaders of the 20th century. A leading light in the struggle for black suffrage, King personified a calm and collected approach that gained him respect not only among his fellow dignitaries and supporters but also among those that opposed his opposition. 

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For many years, the icon led America away from a Jim Crow era and into a world where the world's media were finally paying attention to the abject injustices that engulfed millions of his fellow African Americans. He taught a whole generation to be brave, and stand firm in the face of years of bigotry and racial hatred. He remains, in the words of the first African American president Barack Obama, a "permanent inspiration".

So in the leadup to Martin Luther King Day, we'll take a look back at the orator's incredible life and list 30 facts about the civil rights advocate you may not have known.

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