This Giant Dog Wasn't Getting Any Attention So It Did Something Crazy

Interest November 30, 2018 By Hugo

Have you ever been guilty of neglecting your pet's needs so you can finish watching a dour contest two opposing football teams? Yep, you're probably guilty of that all the time, which makes this video all the more relatable.

Shutterstock/ Radomir Renzy

Rather than have the kids nagging him for money, however, or his wife berating him for not doing the washing up, this man's disturbance comes from a giant breed of dog native to Canada.

Known as the Newfoundland breed, these dogs are mini bears, with dark, shaggy fur coats all-but confirming their status as dog-bears. Anyway, in a hilarious video, the colossal canine isn't getting the attention it feels it deserves as its owner has his eyes firmly fixed on the tv.

Not willing to surrender, the dog, spurred on from his human mum, decides to extend his paws to the armrest and lick his owner straight in the face.

It's a loving act that will make you feel lovely and good inside. It will also probably make you go to your local pet store and ask if they have any of these breeds in stock. They're that cute!

Watch the full video below and let us know what your pets do for attention!


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