31 Strange & Amazing Museums Everyone Should Visit

Culture November 26, 2018 By Hugo

What do most of the great cities have in common? Aside from the swarms of tourists and various Starbucks and McDonald's restaurants, they have many great museums that house some of the world's most prized artifacts and paintings.

Shutterstock/ DavidNNP

In short, museums are among some of the great cultural cornerstones of big city life. They give cities an esoteric clout that other places in the world just can't match, and this is evident in some of the world's greatest cities, from London and New York right the way through to Tokoyo and St Petersburg.

Of course, while it can be tempting sometimes to veer off the beaten track and look at things that aren't on most tourist's checklists, monuments and landmarks are usually extremely popular for a reason. And when it comes to the world's best museums, it is more often than not because they house unique - and sometimes strange- artifacts.

So without further ado, here is a mix of both incredible and bizarre museums everyone should visit in their lifetime. 

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