10 Places That Have Been Ruined By Tourism

Interest October 24, 2018 By Hugo

1. Barcelona 

Shutterstock/ Luciano Mortula - LGM

Barcelona is usually the first port of call for travelers keen to explore Europe's premier cities as it has everything, from sun-dappled beaches and ancient cobbled walkways to an easy-to-navigate city center. Adding to this is Barcelona's mostly dry climate, famous soccer team and host of cultural amenities. It is unquestionably a phenomenal place to visit, yet Barcelona has experienced a level of tourism unparalleled to most other cities in the world, making for an overrun city crammed with tourists and displeased locals.

There was even a demonstration held last year by disgruntled locals fed up with property prices rocketing because of tourists and opportunistic landlords letting their homes out exclusively to tourists. The mayor has aimed to rectify this by freezing licenses for all new hotels and rental apartments while also proposing a tourist tax to curb visitor numbers.

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