10 Countries That Can't Stand America

Interest August 30, 2018 By Hugo

10. Slovenia- Disapproval rating: 54%

Shutterstock/ Andrew Mayovskyy

The majority of Slovenians surveyed revealed that they did not approve of U.S. leadership. While a major NATO ally and a member of the EU, Slovenia scored a disapproval rating of 54%- the10th highest of the 135 countries reviewed.

One of the main reasons for this unfavorable response stems from their former and now disbanded country, Yugoslavia, who shared strong diplomatic ties to the Soviet Union- as did many others in the Baltic regions. Thus, it appears that these Cold War tensions still run high. Slovenia also took a nosedive during the European financial crisis, which may have caused the more impoverished residents to look less favorably on a country that has long had a reputation as the wealthiest place in the world.

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