10 Countries That Can't Stand America

Interest August 30, 2018 By Hugo

It's common knowledge that America divides opinion, especially given the unfavorable approval ratings of its current president. However, many parts of the world also approve of America's policies and the ideals it stands for. While such global approval ratings aren't the be-all and end-all of a country's diplomatic strategy, a favorable opinion abroad can strengthen so-called soft power, which allows diplomatic aims to be achieved without the use of force.

Shutterstock/ Zerbar

Just take this 2014 study. Of the 135 countries interview, 45% of the population endorsed America's political ideologies, the highest median approval rating of any global superpower. However, in 15 countries, a majority were less than enamored with U.S. leadership, a presidency which was then led by the Democratic leader and then-president, Barack Obama.

While this study is a few years old, it still makes for an interest read, so we thought we would analyze a little-known 24/7 Wall St. study which examined the countries that most disapproved of U.S. leadership from a survey conducted by The U.S.-Global Leadership Project, a project that partnered with the famous American polling company Gallup and the Meridian International Center. 

The results were distilled into an overall disapproval rating of between 0-100%. Here are the 10 countries that responded most negatively to America's political standing.

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