These Little-Known Facts About The Ocean Will Blow Your Mind

Interest August 22, 2018 By Hugo

1. The majority of the sea is entirely dark

Shutterstock/Dudarev Mikhail

If your science teacher taught you anything in school, it was probably the meaning of photosynthesis rather than the fact that light can only travel 200 meters down in the ocean. If you think about that long enough, you'll realize that the ocean is Earth's last remaining unknown. Pretty trippy, right? 200 meters is, after all, only the equivalent of two soccer pitches. That may seem deep, but in reality, that's just treading the surface.

After 200 meters, everything becomes pitch black. This area is known as the Aphotic Zone, where less than 1% of sunlight penetrates. There you will find fascinating fish such as piglet squid and helmet jelly, but here are many more species yet to be discovered. 

However, one man who overcame the suffocating pressure of the deep sea was the legendary film director James Cameron, who used his very own submarine to go where no man has gone before and set a new world record for venturing 35, 756 feet below sea level. He didn't discover any new speices, but it was a pretty impressive feat nonetheless.

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