These Little-Known Facts About The Ocean Will Blow Your Mind

Interest August 22, 2018 By Hugo

What really lies beneath our oceans? It's a question that has both baffled and intrigued marine biologists for many centuries. After all, vast swathes of the sea remain unexplored, and it's unlikely we will have discovered the contents of the entire seven seas anytime soon.


To put things into perspective, only 27% of our planet is formed of dry land. That means a staggering 73% of the Earth’s surface is covered by the sea, of which only 5% has been explored. In other words: Oceanic expeditions won't be slowing down anytime soon.

However, our knowledge of the ocean, compared to previous generations at least, isn't bad, but unless you're an ocean boffin or a marine biologist, you probably haven't come across these interesting facts that, for both good and bad reasons, will make you view the ocean in an entirely different light. 

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