10 Stunning Places That Are Actually Available To Rent!

Interest March 29, 2018 By Hugo

Like many things in life, booking a holiday isn't easy. You've got to budget. Make sure the hotel is within walking distance to any signs of civilisation. And most importantly, you need to book something that will guarantee a stress-free break.

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It already sounds mechanical. But it shouldn't be. Holidays, like when we were younger, should still preserve a sense of adventure and excitement. Just take these ten places. Available to rent to the general public, all are situated in stunning locations as well as being a cut above your standard 5-star hotel. So if you fancy splashing the cash and getting a bit creative with your accommodation, then maybe one of these places is for you.

For more information about these awe-inspiring retreats, simply click on the hyperlinks below.

1. Oia’s View Cavehouse VII, Greece

Situated on the picturesque island of Santorini, this manually carved Grecian villa is perched on the side of a mountain.

Overlooking the Aegon Sea, lucky customers can bask in the famous sunsets via the comforts of their very own infinity pool.

2. Private Island, Florida

Forget the Maldives, or Richard Branson's Necker Island, because, for only half a mile from the Florida Key's coast, you can rent your very own tropical paradise.

Complete with granite counter tops, stainless steel Viking appliances and offering panoramic ocean views, this 3-acre island isn't a place you'd want rescuing from anytime soon.

3The Sweet Escapes Theme Park, Florida

For every grown adult, an inner-child remains lurking within which is probably why your eyes lit up when you saw this 8,000-square-foot, 5-acre, 10-bedroom estate. 

There's something for everyone at this legendary place. From arcades to hot tubs, you'll wish you could turn back the clocks on your childhood. Either that or your kids will be running wild as you soak in the luxurious tub.

4. Boeing 727 Treehouse, Costa Rica

Mind-blowing in its ambition, this excellent design was created when the owners of the hotel (Hotel Costa Verde) decided to purchase the rusting Boeing from a San Jose airport for a whopping $2m.

Costing a further $28,000,00 to renovate and transport, the treehouse is already proving a wise investment, with a night stay costing over $700 in peak season. Though pricey, it's not hard to see why when the aeroplane/treehouse boasts a Jacuzzi in the cockpit.

5The Hobbit House, Montana

For those of a mythical disposition, then a stay in this beautiful Montana retreat might be your perfect getaway, The 'Hobbit House' looks out onto The Shire, which has elf houses, a wishing well, and a troll mine.

Best of all, the place comes to life with a glimmering light show at night. 

6. Isla Mujeres Shell House, Mexico

Sitting pretty on the island of Isla Mujeres lies this unconventionally resplendent home.

Just off the coast of Cancun, visitors can expect a barrage of attention from passers-by as they snap away at the home's shell-like features. 

7. Château de Challain, France

France is a place full of historic beauty and opulence, but few properties come close to this magnificent castle. Each room includes robes, slippers hairdryer, private w/c, bath and tea & coffee making facilities as well as offering glorious views of the French countryside. 

The best part? You can rent a single room for around $105 a night. You just need to round up 54 other friends, and you've got a fantastic holiday planned.

8. French Quarter Firehouse, New Orleans

The French Quarter of New Orleans is one of the American South's most vibrant places, which is what makes this converted fire station even more desirable.

Located within walking distance of Bourbon Street, the seven-bedroom property is also as stylish as they come. 

9. Kehena Point Cliff House, Hawaii

Hawaii is a place synonymous with paradise and relaxed vibes, so what better way to spend your stay than at a stereo-like hotel overlooking the sparkling waters of the Pacific? 

In our minds, this is the definitive place to unwind and impress your Instagram followers.

10. Viterbo Province House, Italy

Live like a Roman Emperor as you indulge in the wonder of this 14th-century house.

Dating back to Etruscan times, the house is formed of many fabled caves and grottos, while a beautiful jacuzzi lies underground.

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