10 of The Best Places To Visit For Health Food Fanatics!

Interest November 27, 2017 By Vincent

Living out of a suitcase and city-tripping is great fun but cooking with no set kitchen and the high costs of eating out can make that side of travelling a bit troublesome. Often travelers will fall into the trap of abundant snack bars or fast food to tide them over while health food fanatics often struggle but the world is getting better with this sort of thing, and there are more and more places that cater to the health-conscious consumer. 

Here we look at the best places to travel to for health food fanatics.

1. Singapore

Singapore is a hub for many entering or leaving Asia and has become a prime spot for stopovers. As such, it has built its economy off the back of tax-free shopping and high-end restaurants and eateries. 

As such, for every junk food drive-through, and high-end, high-calorie meal you can indulge in there are also amazing health food options with places like Grain Traders offering up a wide variety of high protein, low-fat grain bowls that are delicious, nutritious and plentiful.

2. London - UK

Once named the world's most vegan-friendly city, London is like New York in the sense that if you want it, it can be found and its size, scale, and multicultural makeup mean that nearly any cuisine on the planet can be found here. Neal's Yard, in between Soho and Covent Garden, and the Seven Dial's areas are both full of amazing veggie only restaurants and raw food eateries.


Hipster districts like Hackney and Bethnal Green also have a wide array of veggie restaurants, and it is the law that every pub, bar, restaurant or cafe have at least one veggie option! The famous Borough Market allows for some of the best fresh produce to be bought as well as some fantastic quality street food and stalls.

3. Hawaii - USA

This island state of the USA has a cuisine that is built on the lush and bountiful local produce that includes tropical fruit and gloriously fresh seafood and whilst beachside barbecues may be on the menu for most, the likes of Poke, the local seafood salad, filled with fresh veg and grains, is just an appetizer to the healthy delights available.


Fresh pineapple, pandan, and seaweed make up so many dishes while varieties of sushi are also very prominent in the region.

4. Perth - Australia

Australia as a whole has taken onboard the healthy lifestyle with outdoor activities and health food shops abundant wherever you go, but big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are best for healthy and organic eateries.


Head to Perth, however, and you'll discover the city's unique take on Bush food. Far from charcoal kangaroo and witchetty grubs, this is fine dining featuring seaweeds, native fruits, herbs and even tree leaves in many high-end restaurants around the city.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark's food scene may be a little more understated than other major European cities, but that doesn't make it any less tasty. For one thing, the organic food scene is really on the rise and many shops and restaurants will have stickers in their window showing their commitment to organic. Head to the Vestboro area of town, to the old meatpacking district and places such as BOB and a whole range of other restaurants, have moved into old industrial areas and made it their own.

Other Danish cities have also taken this organic movement on board with Aarhus also a prominent place for great, fresh produce from the local surrounding farmland straight to your fork.

6. Athens, Greece

In a country where salad is king, Greece has made this light, leafy lunch the national staple as Greek salad, known as horiatiki in the local dialect, is enjoyed everywhere.


Vine leaves, olives, feta, and tomatoes can be found in most dishes as well as black-eyed peas and beetroot. Fresh yogurt and honey are also popular ingredients for those with a sweeter tooth.

7. Vancouver - Canada

A hotbed of healthy delights, if Vancouver hasn't got it, it probably doesn't exist yet as it indulges in almost every global cuisine with health food well at the top of its list for its conscious citizens.

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Even desserts are pretty good for you with the ever-present and extremely popular Vegan Pudding Co. cropping up around town.

8. San Francisco, California - USA

San Francisco was the first city in the nation to adopt Meatless Mondays enthusiastically, and AT&T Park, the home of the MLB’s San Francisco Giants, was the first major sports facility to provide produce for concession stands as well as an educational organic garden for kids. This approach to healthy living and sustainable consumption is a staple of the city by the bay, and on any given day of the week, you can find a farmer's market open somewhere.


These options often come in a range of cuisines including modern takes on classic American fare such as burgers and hot dogs as well as Asian, Mexican and plenty other food styles.

9. Portland, Oregon - USA

Portland has long been America's city of 'weird', and as such it has clung to and celebrated alternative lifestyles openly, and this includes veganism, which also relates to the city's green ethos. With a wealth of vegan, vegetarian, organic and fair-trade eateries and food stores, even the mainstream stores (the few that are around) have to offer similar options to compete in the area.

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There is even a vegan mini-mall as well as it being a city for local produce and artisanal foods, so there is much quality stuff to get your hands on too!

10. Hong Kong

Steamed food is what makes up the majority of Hong Kong cuisine with fresh buns filled with vegetables that are steamed lightly rather than boiled or fried thus keeping more of their nutrients and not taking on any oils or fats.

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Fresh seafood and tofu also feature prominently in delightful dishes all over the place.

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