10 Cities Every Hipster Needs To Visit Before They Die

Interest November 13, 2017 By Hugo

The definition of a hipster is ever-evolving and being labeled one can sometimes cause offense, but we doubt your everyday hipster will feel self-conscious about their social identity if they find themselves in one these ten cities.

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Hipster-friendly and world-renowned, the makeup of these 10 cities suits a hipsters' every need, and whether that be observing urban street art in downtown tunnels or catching up with a long-lost creative writing friend in an award-winning cat cafe, we're sure our hipster readers will agree with this list.

Here are 10 cities every hipster should visit before they die.

1. London

If you visit the more student-friendly areas of the British capital, you're bound to come across a whole host of manicured beards, cereal cafes and bars with arcade games in them. Take the gentrified South London areas of Peckham, New Cross and Brixton, and in recent years, the East London neighborhood, Dalston.

Areas like these have been transformed beyond belief, with young people from far and wide now choosing to end their nights in a neon-drenched bar in Peckham as opposed to a club in Shoreditch or Camden. That said, the aforementioned areas are still hipster hotspots, but if you're a hipster that knows London well, then places like Peckham, New Cross and Dalston are often where you'll find the best deals on lumberjack shirts and craft beers.

2. New York

Starting with one metropolis and continuing with another, New York has long rivaled London for the unofficial accolade of the world's best city, but it appears, at least in the hipster department, that New York comes out trumps.

After all, most consider the trendy New York neighborhood of Williamsburg to be the hub of Hipsterdom, with its 113,000 residents coming from a variety of backgrounds and contributing to a vibrant community full of alternative cafes, bars, thrift shops and galleries. 

However, in recent years, older residents have complained that the increasing popularity of the place has caused rent prices to rocket, while Hasidic Jews have even been known to clash with so-called trendsetters, who they believe are eye saws for older members of the community. 

3. Toronto 

The Canadian capital boasts one of the best contemporary music scenes in the world following the success of local RNB stars Drake and The Weeknd, with the latter's former haunt Queen Street, voted the second hippest neighborhood in the world by Vogue magazine. 

As well as possessing a thriving music scene, Toronto was voted the number one city in last year's Youth Cities Index, and that's partly down to the diverse neighborhoods, low crime rates, and rich variety of cuisines.

4. Seoul

Away from North America and Europe, Seoul is one of the more socially-liberal countries in the Asian hemisphere, with its younger citizens garnering a reputation in recent years for their love of partying, and you'll find this febrile atmosphere in most parts of the city but especially if you venture into the student neighbourhood of Hongdae.

Awash with hipsters sporting bleached blonde hair, you'll also come across Bau House Cafe, a place where dog lovers can meet up and chat over coffee.

5. Copenhagen 

While the hippie commune of Christiania now attracts people from all over the world, it's the Copenhagen neighborhood of Norrebro where you will find Jaegersborggade, a little village first populated by a small group of foodies.

Locals will tell you that to find Copenhagen's hipster enclave, all you must do is follow the wafty smell of roasted coffee beans because of the number of award-winning roasteries located there. Coffee lovers needn't be the only ones rejoicing though. This place celebrates individualism to a tee, and it isn't uncommon to see people donning blue haircuts and eye-catching tattoos as they sip their drinks and tuck into meals in the hygge-styled restaurants, bars, and cafes.

6. Stockholm

Stockholm is already known for being effortlessly stylish, and you'll find this applies to hipsters, too, who can mostly be found in the chic southern island of Sodermalm.

To blend in with them, we recommend taking in a cool beverage in the Art Deco foyer bar located near Hotel Rival.

7. Berlin

Managing to maintain an edgy yet glamorous appearance without looking like a poor imitation of London or Paris, the historic city is one the most diverse in Europe and as well as being home to many artists, also boasts a fast-growing technology industry. 

Such a rapid demand for property and jobs in the capital has inevitably led to a high level of gentrification, yet it's Soviet-style blocks and hipsters who occupy them are still in force thanks in part to the capital's rent-controlled property market.

8. Tokyo

If you were to envision what a hipster utopia would look like, then you might point to Tokyo, a city rich in visual artwork, bright colored billboards and trendy typography that seems to always be in vogue with fashion companies.

That being said, Tokyo is very much a working city, with its population working longer hours than most other people on Earth, but the hippie, hipster culture still thrives, as evidenced by the fashionable area of Shimokitazawa, or Shimokita as it is known to the locals. 

Home to a vast array of street art and murals, Shimokita is a colorful place populated by artists, and even to this day, remains safe from Tokyo's more beaten tourist traps.

9. Austin 

Austin is one of the few places in the American south, perhaps along with New Orleans, that is a bastion of liberal ideas, with people from across America setting up shop in the Texan city. 

Home to the world-renowned SXSW Festival, Austin's charms lie in its unofficial motto, "Keep Austin weird", in the hopes that local businesses will continue to attract a more alternative, hipster crowd to a city now more synonymous with spiked hair and skinny jeans than cowboy hats and confederate flags. Some Americans will, however, point to Portland and say that Austin still has a lot of work to do to match the latter's hipster credentials, but with the more favorable weather conditions, we think Austin is a better alternative.

10. Seattle 

Though perpetually rainy, in recent years Seattle has become a haven for hipsters as well as goths who seemingly rejoice in living in a nebulous climate that brings on feelings of anguish and despair.

In all seriousness, Seattle is a terrific city (even if it always rains), with a thriving underground music scene and a bevy of cool, skinny jean loving locals populating the uber-chic areas of Capitol Hill and Ballard. 

Of course, a hipster city wouldn't be complete without a range of craft breweries, and Seattle has many. In fact, one tour even allows you to experience the beer making process by taking you around the factory in a 16-seater pedal-powered vehicle. How cool is that?!

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