10 Haunted Places Around The World You Can Visit If You're Brave Enough

Wanderlust October 26, 2017 By Vincent

The world is full of spooky and scary things, and if you travel you can find numerous stories or folk tales of deranged creatures, haunted houses and things that go bump in the night, and if that is your sort of deal, then there are plenty of haunted places to check out.

Here we detail a few of the scariest and ask if you're brave enough to give them a go.

1. Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, California, USA

A Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion the Winchester Mystery House is four stories high and filled with corridors that go nowhere, hidden rooms and winding stairwells left, right and center. The reason for this is that it was owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, and in 1884 she bought some farmland and insisted the house kept being built and re-built, edited and changed right up until her death.

Uladzik Kryhin/

She kept building because she felt guilt over the deaths of all of the people killed by Winchester rifles, so to appease their spirits, and on the advice of a medium, she never stopped building and at the time of her death in 1922, where work immediately ceased, the house was 7 floors high but an earthquake in 1906 brought it back down again. Supposedly to house herself and the spirits of the dead that talked to her, the house remains a tourist attraction.

2. Paris Catacombs - Paris, France

Below France's capital are miles and miles of tunnels built to as part of the city's former stone mines. In the 1600s they became an ossuary to house the bones of the dead, and throughout the 1700s they became a place where many bodies were deposited, so much so that now it is the home of over 6 million people's remains.

Wyatt Rivard/

Skulls and bones piled high, the whole places is spooky as heck and, needless to say, many feel the presence of something strange amongst all the dead.

3. The Tower of London - London, UK

A former fortress turned high-level prison for people of note, the Tower has been where many notable people were incarcerated, mostly plotters against the crown or traitors but even the infamous gangsters the Kray twins were held there for a while.


Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536 for treason against Henry VIII; her ghost supposedly haunts the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, where she is buried and has been said to walk around the White Tower carrying her head under her arm.  Other reported ghosts include Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower.

4. Poveglia Island - Poveglia, Italy

A small island situated between Venice and Lido in the Venetian lagoon, it has an interesting if somewhat torrid history to it including being used as a quarantine zone for sufferers of the plague and becoming an insane asylum in the early 20th century.


Because of its history, many ghost hunters and supernatural enthusiasts have claimed to have seen or felt spirits on the island.

5. Bangarh Fort - Rajasthan, India

A fort built in the 16th century in the Aravali hills, Bangarh fort is supposedly haunted by two ghosts from folklore. The story goes that a princess lived in the palace there, and a local wizard fell in love with her, but she was destined to marry a prince or warrior.

Navjot Singh/

Offering the princess a love potion in the place of ittar (scent) whilst she was out shopping, she saw through the wizard's ploy and threw the potion at a boulder causing it to roll down and crush the wizard, before he died the wizard then cursed the fort and it was soon ransacked by the Mughals and everyone in it killed. To this day, the wizard and princess are said to still patrol the remains of the fort in their ghostly forms.

6. Lizzie Borden House - Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

In an infamous murder case that took the nation by storm, Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her father and stepmother in a gruesome ax murder and the trial and subsequent intrigue about what went on that evening subsequently entered the pop-culture lexicon.

James Kirkikis/

Lizzie was acquitted of the murder despite evidence to suggest she was at fault. The house remains a guest house, and visitors have reported all sorts of strange sightings and goings on since.

7. Port Arthur - Tasmania, Australia

Port Arthur, a former British penal colony and prison, the Tasmanian town was an 18th-century convict settlement and even while it was still in operation stories of paranormal activity circulated the area.


Now many ghost tours operate around the town with stories of vengeful or regretful prisoners haunting the area.

8. Burg Wolfsegg - Wolfsegg, Germany

An 800-year-old castle, this building is supposedly frequented by a 'White Woman' who appears at the castle to scare off visitors or nosey inquisitors.


The story goes that a jealous husband murdered his wife Klara von Helfenstein and it is her spirit that remains in the castle to this day.

9. Chateau de Brissac - Brissac-Quince, France

A beautiful chateau in France, its outward visage belies its gruesome history as this is the place famous for being where Charlotte of France was murdered. 


The story goes that Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, was murdered by her husband after he discovered her infidelities.

10. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A gorgeous and auspicious hotel that was completed in 1888, this hotel has more than its fair share of ghostly sightings and stories since its opening, but perhaps the most famous is The Bride.

Paula Cobleigh/

Just married, a bride at the hotel was descending the stairs in her wedding dress when she tripped and fell to her death. Staff and guests have repeatedly seen a figure in the grand ballroom of the hotel dancing alone, pining for the first dance with her husband.

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