10 of the Best Party Enclaves In South America

Interest September 1, 2017 By Hugo

South America is synonymous with gregarious and outgoing people, so it's little surprise many South American countries boast a plethora of party enclaves.

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That said, here are 10 great locations for those keen to get a better understanding of South America's esteemed nightlife.

1. Sao Paulo- Brazil

Brazil's second city may not have the international prestige of its more popular sibling, Rio, but if a good night in Brazil is what you're after, then there's no better place than Sao Paulo. 

Why? Because the undeniable verve and swagger come sundown has long made Sao Paulo a hedonists' playground. They know how to get down, after all, and whether it's in downtown Centro for a cheeky cocktail or atop a swanky skyscraper at Sky Bar, this city is certainly the best place in Brazil to dance the night away.

2. Buenos Aires- Argentina

Buenos Aires is known for many things, but Argentina's capital and cultural hub is also the birthplace of the Tango, and fittingly, Buenos Aires more than knows the definition of a real party.

Unlike in America, however, the bars don’t usually get busy until midnight while nightclubs don’t usually open their doors until gone 2 am, which in Los Angeles, is when they close! 

But Los Angeles' nightlife is no match for Buenos Aires', and for those keen on getting their groove on earlier in the evening, restaurants are great places to start with dinner often being served between 8 and 12.

3. La Paz- Bolivia

The Bolivian capital is located a remarkable 3,560 meters (11,875 feet) above sea level, making the alcohol in your system work a lot faster due to there being less oxygen, though we're sure cheaper liquor also plays a part.

Better still, the locals are charming and welcoming to all races and creeds, and though La Paz may not be as developed as Rio or Sao Paulo, there is still plenty of febrile bars and nightclubs to choose from.

4. Santiago- Chile

The Chilean capital is one of the most popular South American cities thanks to its brimming culture, while its history and range of universities attract young professionals and students from across the world.

This brilliant mix makes the Santiago club scene hard to beat. And whether you're after a disco, a reggae bar or want a bit of everything, most places offer dirt beer and stay open well beyond sunrise.

5. Bogota- Columbia

It's surprising that anything gets down in Columbia's alpine capital, Bogota, such is their penchant for late-night partying each day of the week. Yes, Mondays are no different to Fridays and Saturdays when it comes to opening and closing times, and thanks to an increased safety and greater policing, the capital doesn't pose the same threats it once did. 

A city of 7m plus, you'll be sure to find an eclectic array of people that will be more than willing to show you the Columbian approach to late night revelry.

6. Máncora- Peru

The fun-loving Peruvian beach town of Máncora is a popular destination for backpackers and hippies because it's a place where partying is incessant.

The rip-roaring buzz around the place is infectious and will guarantee even those who aren't privy to heavy drinking a good time while most of the bars and parties take place on the beach, making the town a cheaper and less overwhelming alternative to the bigger cities on this list.

7. Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

Rio's charming locals make the city one of the friendliest places on the list providing you don't venture too far from the more tourist-friendly locations.

Admittedly not as lively as Sao Paulo's nightlife, Rio is still a hotbed for clubs and bars and has scenery that Sao Paulo doesn't come close to matching.

8. Punta del Este- Uruguay

Referred to as the Monaco of South America, Punta del Este attracts the wealthiest people in Uruguay and neighboring Brazil and Argentina to its pristine beaches for continued nights of unashamed bacchanalian excess.

So if you're prepared to spend big, then this tiny recluse is perfect, if only for one night, because let's face it; we're not all Leonardo di Caprio.

9. Quito- Ecuador

Quito has two distinct areas, ‘old town’ and ‘new town’. The Old Town is more cultured and rich in renovated colonial buildings. On the other hand, New Town, also know as Gringolandia, is rich in high-rise buildings, hotels, bars, nightclubs, and many other things associated with high-level gentrification.

So why not get your fill of culture in the Old town before partying to extremities come sunset in Gringolandia? 

10. Caracas- Venezuela

Homicide and poverty may have besieged Venezuela's capital city in recent years but there's still a great country to be seen should you choose not to let reports from Western news outlets influence you.

Though dangerous in some quarters, the capital has a range of nightlife options and the natives pride themselves on not only having a good time but also looking out for tourists who find themselves heading to the more feared parts of the capital.

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