The 20 Best Cities In The World To Be A Millennial

Interest August 9, 2017 By Vincent

Being a millennial isn't always easy going. For one thing, there are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years but that won't stop baby boomers telling you how easy you've got it despite the fact you can't afford a house, there are fewer jobs to go around, and everything is more expensive.

In any case, there are some really great advantages to being young in this day and age, and some cities cater to that better than others. Nestpick are a company that offers furnished apartments for rent around the world, and recently they have conducted a ranking of 100 global cities to see where is best for millennials based on such things as openness, employment opportunities, price of housing, access to contraception, entertainment options, health care, LGBT acceptance, immigration acceptance, internet speed etc. as well as access to an Apple store. 

Here we look at the top 20 of those cities and see why they rank so highly. (Find the full list here.)

20. Helsinki - Finland

Scoring highly for its public transport systems and almost perfectly for both gender equality and immigration tolerance, the capital of Finland is let down massively by its nightlife, dining scene and cost of housing as things tend to be a little more expensive here than in other parts of the world.


With high levels of employment, that may sound good but there aren't a lot of jobs to go around and so starting out anew in the city could be troublesome.

19. Prague - Czech Republic

Good for jobs, tourism and public transport Prague stutters on healthcare and gender equality. Perhaps unsurprisingly for the country that invented Pilsner, it ranks incredibly well in its beer and nightlife scenes.

Prague has also got great internet connections for all you tech-obsessed generation Y types but despite this, is middling in its startup scene.

18. Nantes - France

Popping up on more than one occasion on this list, France is obviously the place to be for 20 to 30 somethings and Nantes is the first to slip into the top 20 with a perfect score on healthcare, near perfect on festivals and pretty decent internet.

Henryk Sadura/

It struggles in job opportunities and openness to immigration though.

17. Rotterdam - Netherlands

Excelling in tolerance of the LGBT community and immigration, Rotterdam's public transport is one of the best on the list, but the city tends to middle out in all other aspects with job opportunities and tourism being particularly low.

With an okay nightlife and dining scenes, it's not exactly everything you could wish for, but it has enough to keep most happy.

16. London - UK

The only British city to make into the top 20 (although Manchester sits at 21), the cost of housing in London is horrendous, and this is reflected in its score that severely impacts its near perfect tourism score and nightlife ranking. Ease of access to contraception is also super high whilst LGBT tolerance also scores well and gender equality not doing as well but still above the middle point.

Middling out for immigration tolerance, this multicultural city seems to suffer more from ambivalence rather than any major negatives apart from maybe its cost of beer.

15. Montreal - Canada

Europe and North America are the only two continents that have cities making up the top 20 of this list and Europe by far outscores North America, so perhaps it is little surprise that one of the few North American cities on this list has somewhat of a European vibe about it.

ProDesign studio/

An excellent nightlife and approach to immigration and good festival scene and access to contraception are tempered by housing costs, food, and tourism.

14. The Hague (Den Haag) - Netherlands

Although not the capital, it is the seat of power in the Netherlands and as such it attracts a lot culturally and financially speaking and does so well in its festival and public transport scoring.

An incredibly tolerant city as well, gender equality, LGBT and Immigration tolerance are all very high scorers whilst dining, and tourism let it down, and house prices really hit it hard.

13. Valencia - Spain

Its tourism score is abysmal, and access to contraception and festivals are also very low scorers. It has few start-ups either and middles for public transport so why has this Spanish city done so well?


Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu/


Well, it smashes it out of the park regarding housing and does well in health, food and beer stakes whilst doing moderately well on the rest of the scale.

12. Zurich - Switzerland

The cost of housing in Zurich is probably just not worth talking about for most of the world's population, let alone millennials. Beer is pricey, but if you can afford it, the nightlife is great. Gender equality ranks incredibly well and there are a fair few start-ups and job opportunities.


Surprisingly, health care doesn't do that well, and neither does tourism with public transport and LGBT acceptance doing alright but with a need for improvement.

11. Lille - France

In Lille, job opportunities are few and far between, which is odd given that there are a reasonable amount of start-ups. Should you manage to get employment, getting, there shouldn't be a problem with the near perfect public transport. Healthcare is also right up there.


Tolerance is not doing well here while gender equality needs some work, that being said, access to contraception does well.

10. Vancouver - Canada

First into the top 10 is the last North American city you will see on this list with an amazing amount of start-ups, outstanding levels of tolerance and decent public transport for a reasonable amount of jobs.

Justin X/

House prices are awful though, dining is not that great, and there is not a lot to do if you want any sort of nightlife.

9. Paris - France

House prices and jobs are very bad indeed but health gets a perfect score in this ranking whilst start-ups do well, and public transport does even better.

Brian Kinney/

Its nightlife gets another perfect 10 and weirdly enough, dining flails but, again, this is mainly due to cost.

8. Cologne - Germany

Nightlife and gender equality are the colossal scorers for this German city with LGBT tolerance and public transport also doing very well. Jobs and start-ups do okay for themselves but forget about tourism.

Chris Dudek/

Health middles out whilst finding contraception may also be a bit of a struggle.

7. Lyon - France

Another French city but also the highest scoring one, healthcare is perfect, and public transport is near perfect, but the cost of dining and beer is not great at all while gender equality, and LGBT tolerance are uninspiring they fare better than tolerance to immigration.

Sander van der Werf/

Housing could be better but is near enough the midway point to not be too dramatic either way whilst job opportunities need upping as well.

6. Barcelona - Spain

Employment is really not good in Barcelona (or Spain in general at the moment) but health care and LGBT tolerance are really soaring, and public transport and cost of housing aren't bad either.

ismel leal pichs/

Access to contraception is poor, and tolerance and equality are beyond middling but not much more so.

5. Antwerp - Belgium

Good internet, good public transport, good cost of housing, good tolerance levels, and good nightlife. Nothing in Antwerp seems to be particularly outstanding, but most of it is 'good'.


Start-ups, job opportunities and dining out all need to be upped but otherwise, Antwerp is doing alright for itself.

4. Lisbon - Portugal

Jobs are not readily available in Lisbon, so this may be a rather large factor in why you're not going to be heading there anytime soon. However, if by some fluke or miracle you do get one, public transport, dining out and drinking beer are all great, cheap ways to enjoy the city.

Farbregas Hareluya/

Fairly tolerant as well just not great internet connectivity.

3. Munich - Germany

Known for its iconic beer festival, it may come as a surprise that neither its range of festivals nor the price of its beer score particularly highly. Employment opportunities are abundant though, as are start-ups, and the tourism and public transport both do very well while house prices remain moderate.

Vlada Photo/

As such, Munich manages to balance itself well across the board.

2. Berlin - Germany

The German capital just manages to pip Munich, mainly thanks to its amazing nightlife LGBT-friendliness and gender parity with housing also being better than Munich. Jobs fall way, way behind though and start-ups aren't doing quite as well.


Healthcare middles out in a same manner and access to contraception remain poor.

1. Amsterdam - Netherlands

The liberal capital of the Netherlands ranks as the best place for millennials to be, so grab your plane tickets and let's go for the best LGBT acceptance on the list, a strong start-up scene and fair amounts of equality and integration.

A good nightlife paired with great public transport is enough to counter the problems with the cost of housing. Employment is the only other area where the city slips below the halfway mark.

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