Around The World In 10 Coffee Shops

Wanderlust July 3, 2017 By Vincent

Coffee, life giver that awakens the dreary. A tasty, black treat for us all and, incidentally, the world's most popular beverage, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year.

It is drunk across the world in different styles and at different times of the day so here we look at some of the best coffee shops across the globe and travel the world in 10 coffee stops.

Drop Coffee Roasters - Stockholm, Sweden

With less of an array of coffees than other shops around the world, Drop Coffee Roasters focus on coffee from  Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras and Kenya so that they can perfect these coffees before expanding their range.

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It seems to be working for them as they are regularly crowned champions of the Swedish Roasting Championship and have placed third (2014), second (2015) and fourth (2016) in the World Roasting Championship.

Wild & Wood Coffee - London, UK

Small yet full of character, this coffee shop owes a lot of its charm to the wood paneling and 50s music that plays in the background as you comfortably sit and watch the hustle and bustle of Britain's busiest city pass by.

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Take a seat on one of the reclaimed church pews but don't be too surprised if you're expected to make new friends as their table sharing policy lends to the cozy atmosphere. Runner up in the Best Coffee Shop category of the London Lifestyle Awards in 2012 & 2013, they went on to win it in 2014 and have once again been nominated this year.

Coffee Supreme - Auckland, New Zealand

Smart and unassuming, this shop serves some of the best coffee in a country renowned for its outstanding coffee culture.

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What really makes it stand out though is the fact that (along with its sister stores in Wellington, Christchurch, and Melbourne) it is the only place to get coffee flavored soda syrup which you can either mix with fizzy water for a coffee soda or milk for a sugary sweet shake.

Screaming Beans - Amsterdam, Holland

Mention coffee shops in Amsterdam and most people will be expecting a little more than a caffeine high, but this high-end coffee bar only has beverages on its mind.


Located in the heart of the city, it sits off one of the many beautiful dijks that run through the city and every cup of coffee comes with a square of brownie (the regular kind only). 

Cafe Craft - Paris, France

As you would expect with any Parisian coffee shop, this gorgeous spot is sleek, chic and unique with wonderful design and style. Step in and try the uniquely French noisette, which is a bit like an espresso with milk, for a true Parisian experience as you watch the world drift by.

The Coffee Collective - Copenhagen, Denmark

With a world barista champion serving up espressos, The Coffee Collective may well be the place to be.

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The Danes are known for being elegant and stylish and here is no different where they serve traditional coffees for the discerning caffeine drinker.

Cielito Querido Café - Mexico City, Mexico

A crafty and cute cafe snuggled away in the Mexican capital, it offers up the chance to have a truly Mexican experience whilst still getting your regular caffeine fix.

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Grab a rompope cappuccino and accompany it with the traditional Mexican sweet treat, the freshly baked conchita and you will be impressed and satisfied in equal measure.

Kronotrop - Istanbul, Turkey

Kronotrop offers up the ultimate coffee experience tailored to the individual as they provide almost every brewing method known to humanity. They also as allow you to choose your selected beans right from the jar with selections from across the globe.

The Coffee Academics - Hong Kong

Image Source: Blowing Puffer Fish/

Looking more like an upmarket chemistry lab than a coffee shop, there is a reason this place is called 'The Coffee Academics.' Taking the science of coffee brewing seriously, you can have customized blends to your palate with coffee dripped, siphoned or pressed any way you wish and served in a glass blown Chemex.

3FE - Dublin, Ireland

Joyously peaceful and relaxed, this is the perfect place to relax in the Irish capital but what's more, they do awesome coffee tastings where you can get a coffee trio, meaning you can try their beans in three different ways: as espresso, espresso with milk, and as filter coffee.

Image Source: mister ebby/ 

You can also do a filter tasting where two filter coffees come side-by-side and you can taste the delicate subtleties and differences for yourself.

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