10 Types of Adventure That Will Make You The Ultimate Traveler

Wanderlust June 29, 2017 By Vincent

Travel is not a competition nor can it be quantified by success or by what impact it has on each individual. You should travel for the sake of travel and not for Instagram photos, to impress your mates or just because everyone else is doing it. If the travel bug is in you, you will travel when and where you can.

However, there are are a range of different ways that can help you experience trips in varying manners so that you might discover more about the way you travel and perhaps yourself. Here we look at a few ways to make you the ultimate traveler.

1. The Road Trip

It's a classic for sure and it has its many pros and cons but the road trip allows you to see the country of your choice in the same way that many commute and travel up and down their own nation. There is also something romantic about being o the open road with whatever direction you take being in your own hands but be warned, it will not be like the movies.

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Hours of endless driving, cramped conditions, especially if there is a group of you, and perhaps not so open roads with traffic jams, road work, and other issues all being possibilities but it will help you discover how you deal with stressful situations.

2. Volunteering

It ios not enough in this life to take a passive view of the world and merely view it from a distance. At some point, you'll have to get your hands dirty in order understand other people, our environment or different situations better and volunteering can help do that by also giving something back.


It'll also provide a sense of accomplishment as well as help toward building stronger relationships and knowing that you have done something, ever so slightly small but significant, to make the world a better place.

3.  Spur Of The Moment Booking

Let the excitement of just getting away take over and find a place on a whim and just jet-oof. You may well discover a place you never thought of visiting, find new things and a new way of traveling as you throw yourself into the world headfirst.

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It will also give you a different perspective on travel and that you don't need to plan for weeks and months to get away and see the world.

4. The Journey of Self-Discovery

We at the travel lane have said many times that you should not go looking for yourself on a trip otherwise it will never happen but you can out yourself in situations that will help you find out more about you. Travel on your own and try new and exciting things each day and it may just happen.

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Be prepared to take yourself out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries and you may well be surprised at what you find out about the world and yourself.

5. The Journey of Family Discovery

Discovering yourself is one thing but discovering where you come from and what your roots are, is completely different. Finding out how your family journey and history has shaped you and your views and personal decisions can be both important and world changing.

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To see what they saw and learn where they came from may just humble you a little bit.

6. A Solo Trip

Go out into the world on your own and find out what you are capable of by being entirely reliant on your own company. Being alone with your own thoughts for such a prolonged period can help you learn more about your own thinking and manner.

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You are also more likely to meet new people along the way and make even more truly great friends.

7. A Group Trip

Solo travel is the way to go if you want to find out more about yourself but group travel will help you get to know your friends better and allow you to bond over a shared passion for travel.

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Create new memories with them by going to new places and doing new things with them.

8. Get In Touch With Nature

Seeing the natural world and becoming more in touch with it is one of the most amazing things you can ever do and will give you a greater respect for the world we live on and why it is som important to protect it.


How you do this is up to you but great ways include wild camping, hiking, diving or wild swimming where you physically interact with the nature around you rather than just passively viewing it.

9. Be In The Moment

Without a doubt, at one time or another, you have to do a trip where you don't take any photographs and don't use the internet or any social media. Just be there, in the moment and enjoy the trip for what it is rather than worrying about good Instagram moments or making your friends jealous.

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Just enjoy what's in front of you and you will see what being in the moment is all about. Take a digital detox.

10. Tick Off The Bucket List

Where have you always wanted to go and what have you always wanted to do? Then make sure you do it! Don't wait around and don't put it off.

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 Pick where you want to be and be there otherwise you may end up regretting it forever.

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