10 Of The Best Places For Celebrity Spotting

Luxury June 23, 2017 By Hugo

Holidays are usually fun experiences, free from spreadsheets, and soul-destroying commutes to work, and it's little wonder most workers feel the need to escape to somewhere foreign at least once a year, and in many ways, celebrities are no different.

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Sure, they may not have to contend with any of the above, but getting paid millions to sing and act has been known to take its toll, and the moment stars have free schedules they flock to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Here, we look at the ten places around the world you should visit should you wish to come across a famous face.

1. Hampstead, England

Known for its coterie of actors, musicians, and soccer players, Hampstead is a seasoned playground of the liberal glitterati, and there's a strong case for the leafy North London enclave being the best residential area in London thanks to the stunning  landscapes offered in nearby Hampstead Heath.

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Home to the likes of Harry Styles, Sam Smith, Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen, this delightful area almost guarantees you a celebrity encounter, but if on the off chance your day in Hampstead yields no signs of one you can drown your sorrows in one of the many rustic pubs. 

2. Cote d' Azur, France

With Cannes, Nice and Monaco decorating such pristine coastline, you're almost spoilt for choice, but there's more to these beautiful retreats than sun-dappled walkways and alfresco diners. 

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France's phantasmagorical coastline served as the muse to the great works of many esteemed artists including Picasso, Renoir and Matisse, and all kinds of artists have flocked there since. Of course, it's worth noting that these towns truly come alive in the summer months, with the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival almost guaranteeing you the sight of at least a half dozen famous faces.

3. Ibiza, Spain

Synonymous with hedonistic revellers and jam-packed clubs like Space and Pacha, Ibiza is the party mecca of the world that attracts famous faces like Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Moss every year. However, despite its boisterous reputation, Ibiza is an island rich in remarkable beauty, with some of the best landscapes in the whole of Sapin found there.


There are also many deserted beaches, so whether you're a party animal or someone who likes to kick it on a beach all the day and have a quiet meal at night, there's a good chance you'll be satisfied.

4. Hamptons, USA

What was once the home of old money is now also a place visited by those soaked in newfound wealth, though the Hampton's image as a quiet, rural retreat away from the rip-roaring buzz of the Big Apple has been maintained even if the place itself has seen a wave of new eateries and bars. 

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As for celeb spotting, your best bet might well be Montauk Beach, a prime piece of coastline that regularly attracts the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce.

5. California, USA

Where do we start with this sun-rich state? It has everything. Beaches. Mountains. Woods. World class cities. Basically: everything one would want in a country, but what makes California even more prized is the number of famous people who call it home, especially in the city of Los Angeles, which of course is the birthplace of Hollywood. 


Yes, if celeb-spotting is a prime motive on your holiday, then you probably won't be disappointed. All one needs to do is sit in a Starbucks in and around the Beverley Hills area. You'll be sure to find at least one actor from your favourite show moaning to his agent about not getting a fair enough cut of the DVD sales.

Away from Los Angeles, there's also Colorado Desert's glamorous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. If recent years are anything to go by, you'll be sure to spot at least one Victoria's Secret model strutting her stuff amidst the crowds of sun-dappled torsos.

6. Miami, USA

The sunshine state may not be for everyone, but if a bit of sleaze mixed with a dosage of glamour and heavy partying is what you're after, then Miami will meet your every need.


So grab a mojito in one of the many Cuban bars and watch the sun set over South Beach as rappers, models and Miami Dolphin football players revel in their amazing lives.

7. Goldeneye Resort, Jamaica

Ian Fleming famously penned the majority of his James Bond novels on this island during the 50s and 60s while also entertaining many screen stars in his humble island abode and it became a playground for the rich and famous ever since, which probably persuaded Island Records' owner Chris Blackwell to purchase the entire island and turn Felming's former home into a hotel.

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Attracting the likes of Johnny Depp, Keith Richards and perpetual party girl Kate Moss, you could probably be in the enviable position of sharing a cocktail with one of them at the resort's bar if you can afford the stay.

8. St Barts

St Barts is a Carribean island that attracts the highest calibre of stars, with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich famed for his New Years' Eve parties on the island, so that might just be the best time to visit if you want to see the famous guest list.

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Of course, you have to be mega-wealthy to do such a thing, but on the off-chance money isn't an issue, try also heading to Gustavia harbour, where a plethora of finely-manicured yachts lie stationed on the near-perfect coastline. 

9. Telluride, USA

Aspen is seen as America's premier skiing destination for the rich and famous, but in recent years celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey have taken up residences here. But why?

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Well, there isn't much in the way of glamour but it's steeped in history, long being a Native American hunting ground, mining mecca, then ghost town before gentrification and city planners put on an array of festivals and outdoor adventures. And with the place laden with snow, it's made for a prime skiing destination, while September brings with it the annual film festival. 

10. Platinum Coast, Barbados

Rumoured to be the home of 18 billionaires, Barbados' exclusive Platinum Coast attracts only the wealthiest people in the world thanks to its gorgeous, powder-white coastline and luxurious hotels. In fact, golf star Tiger Wood married in the famed Sandy Lane Beach Resort, a place that- if you can afford it- will all but guarantee you bump into a famous face or two.

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If five-star luxury isn't quite in your price range, however, you can always book a place just outside the town of Holetown and venture onto one of the many beaches dotted around the area where Hugh Grant, Simon Cowell and homegrown star Rihanna regularly frequent. 

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